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    custom/hot rodded pick up trucks past and present
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    I've been spending some time on this Web Site.........It averages around a million hits a day! Actually you can spend hours and hours. I like the Ramirez tractors from Mexico. A model section, an Australian section, it goes on and on. Someone may have put it...
  3. The Showroom
    first off my mums ford mustange 351 my dads camaro with a 632 big block chevy in it, it origianlaly came out of the black and silver 55 chevy he had which is currently having a twin turbo engine in it there are some more about and if anyone is interested i will put some more pictures up...
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    Great site for you truck fans.
  5. On Topic
    i thought of an idea that may to help with "ugly" dragster/race car support vehicle problem? know them white vans and people carriers.... being in the way of the cars on the strip when spectaters are taking pics, and blocking the view of fans wanting to see the track action at the...
  6. On Topic
    Does anyone know anything about, or has recently imported a vehicle from the US? I've found some Trucks for sale in the US, they look solid enough from the pics but who knows? I have a few questions. How to set up the deal (not keen on turning up to some guys house God knows where with a case...
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    Thought you might like these.
  8. On Topic
    OK, this thread - pics of trucks, pickups, vans, panel trucks etc - let's see 'em
  9. Cool Thread Archive
    how many fellow members have pick up here is mine in progress and my friends chevy lets see more:tup:
1-9 of 9 Results