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  1. Tech Discussion
    After 2 months I finally found time to go in the garage this morning for an hour to try and sort the timing on the Chevy (the timing marks on the bottom pulley are wrong). I've removed the plugs and I'm going to turn the engine by hand to reach TDC (using a piece of wire through the plug hole...
  2. On Topic
    Trying to find a place in the Midlands that does engine turning. I've got a few ally panels i'd like to do. Also after a rough idea on price. Anyone able to help?? Cheers Dan
  3. Chat
    Or something equally strange ? Marians Rover is just about to run out of MOT so ,even though it needs only a tiny hole in the sill fixing, I can't be bothered. Now the strange thing is I'm actually feeling guilty about this ?? It's a 63k from new motor and drive superbly but I can get enough...
  4. Tech Features
    FIRST OFF I'm not saying this is the only or best way of doing it ,just what worked for me.Secondly,I'm crap with a camera,crap with a computer and so,please bear with me! STUFF REQUIRED Drill press,engineers square,permanent marker,steel rule,wire brush approx 7/8 inch dia,jubilee clip,leccy...
1-4 of 4 Results