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    Probably not the best picture I know. This is my favourite photo of the race car , it was taken whilst testing last year. We ran a 1.05 sixty foot time whilst SHAKING like this , I had to back out of it. Take a look at the right rear tyre!!!!!!!!
  2. Tech Discussion
    Wonder if anybody can help I am trying to work out crossply tyre size for the rear of my 32, I have a pair of 16" Austin rims the internal edge of the rim is 3" wide what size can I get on them, cheers Slappy.
  3. Chat
    Its off the N/S rear of my daily (2006 VW Passat estate). The car failed the MoT in August 2009 because the tyre had worn the same (but worn more than this) and was replaced. That replacement is the one in the picture 8 months later. Obviously something is wrong! The car is leased and as the...
  4. On Topic
    Hi All, I have bought a set of Cobra slots and they are fitted with a standard rubber type valve. Am I right in saying that these should have the metal valves? Does anyone know where I can get a set of these from? Cheers, Stu.
  5. Stuff - WANTED
    Hey guys, anyone got a single 7.50 14 crossply tyre knocking around? Needs to be in good condition for road use. Only need one but if you don't want to split a pair just fire me a reply anyway. Thanks :tup:
  6. On Topic
    Looking to buy some 215/75 and 235/75 15" radial narrow band white walls, what are the tyre options out there? Found American Classics at North Hants at 128 & 134 respectively, any cheaper brands out there? Thanks Gotzy
  7. Tech Discussion
    Hi a friend of mine is building a 32 ford , with a 440 chrysler engine from a Jenson , hes using 6x15 wheels all round he want to go narrow on the frount 165.80x15, wider on the rear 255.60x15 radials, has anyone got any idea make of tyre would be ok , Terry .
  8. Stuff - FOR SALE
    225 / 70 / 19.5 Brand new tyre mounted on steel wheel , never ever used. As fitted to most American motorhomes £175 Wayne 07818 014720
  9. Stuff - WANTED
    any one got any 15" white wall tyres to fit my chevy truck
  10. Stuff - FOR SALE
    BRAND NEW , never seen the road!!! 225/70/19.5 tyre mounted on steel wheel , never been used £175 TEKONSHA electric brake control box for American trailers , 2 , 4 or 6 wheel trailers. Two available , one with instructions and DVD £50 and £40 respectiveley. "BOW TIE" light plugs in to...
  11. Tech Discussion
    6.5" tr6 steels will 670 x 15" crossplies fit? also will 205's radials fit? scimitar 5.5j" will 695 x 14" crossplies fit and what size radials are best? any opinions/ideas fellas :bigsmile:
  12. Stuff - WANTED
    looking for an old manual tyre changing machine. can be worn and used as long as it works. it will be getting minimal use.
  13. On Topic
    Back in the day you could buy white rubber paint for touching up your lettering on your Grabbers or BFG's. There was also a large pen type thing that could do the job, i remember doing some tyres years ago with it. However after much looking , suprise, suprise i can't find any. Any ideas where...
  14. Chat
    just had a set of new wheels fitted to the daily and had a TPMS system fitted seemed a good idea as it tell's you tyre pressures and also tyre temperature would this work on dragsters and all other race cars as tyre pressures and temperatures are crucial Or am I naieve and everyone allready...
  15. Tech Discussion
    Hi all, Got to take my cheater slicks off, size 31X10 50R on a 12 Inch Hallibrand wheel. I have to have white wall, prefer pie crust, gotta look vintage. All I seem to be able to find, and there is only two of these left is BF Goodrich Silver Town White Walls. Can anybody tell me if these look...
  16. Tech Discussion
    Got some 10 x 15 wheels hopefully ( cheers Dez) but need to find some tyres which will make the width stand out, anybody know what the recomended size is on a 10" wheel , and can anyone recommend any suppliers?
  17. Tech Discussion
    I'm looking for the road legal/race tyres similar to the ones the Street Eliminator lot use. I tend to get a blank when anyone talks about them for some reason. The car currently runs 245x60x15's and there's not much room left around them for anything bigger. Anyone got any preferences and...
  18. Tech Discussion
    Does anybody know what tyres are available in a blackwall 205/75/15 ? I know that a Goodrich Momentum is available in a whiteband. Thank you...
  19. Stuff - WANTED
    I need 1 255/60/15 tyre, must be road legal, what you guys got ? Pm or leave a post on this thread. Thanks Paul.
  20. Chat
    My personal veiw only... John sleath has just run a 7.68 @192mph on a DRAG RADIAL.SO FAR If the tyre is in the (class) which it is, then any records made should stand! its total bullshit they dont.He,s run a 7.68 END OF.... Well done MR JOHN SLEATH..and Colin Lazenby 7.70 @188mph.
1-20 of 25 Results