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  1. Chat
    Firstly I'd like to welcome back to the team after a long stay of absence, Steve Kenny and his wife Emma also Jim. After a really good showing from the new set up at The Big Bang. I decided to turn up the Nitrous and play with a few settings. On a very tricky track we ran 9.7 seconds @ 151 mph...
  2. Chat
    What a weekend for me and the other insane boys. we started the weekend on a high with the reception the car got. soon to be overshadowed by the obvious damage that the gearbox had suffered. After pulling the box from the car we found that the high gear clutch drum(second gear) was eating the...
  3. On Topic
    Posted for Kapri as he's kinda busy answering questions on other forums... I said awhile back that the ACE were liaising to clarify some of the rules of the 8 points system. We've got to the bottom of what is and isn't allowed on the modified chassis / monococque ...
  4. Tech Discussion
    Just to update, sorted carb problem out engine blipped up while stationary, seemed ok but when we toulk it for a run it was trying to kick back, and seemed lifeless , this is with firing order 165432 which my info says thats oddfire, but runs like bag of shit on 145632 wich is suppossed to be...
  5. Traders - For Sale / Services - CLOSED
    I updated my site earlier this week, so if you want to catch up with the mags, books and calendars that have just arrived . . . Enjoy Graham:D
  6. Chat
    Since the closing of the Immigration Camp in France at the mouth of the Channel Tunnel . Customs and Excise have been alerted as to a cunning plan to conceal immigrants in an early 50's Chevrolet. They have circulated this Photo and ask every one in the South East especially Folkestone, Dover...
  7. The Garage
    Zodiac coming on nice, managed to complete the respray, now the boring bit, fitting up. Oh yeah.....painted in cellulose....not 2k Hope you like the progress.
  8. The Garage
    just a update on my 56 f100 the front clip was moved froward 4 inch and the front fenders have been cut and moved. the rear fenders on these trucks taper inward these have been done so they are now same front to back. ford 460 and a c4 have a found a home in the 56's bay which have been...
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  10. The Garage
    hello. i got a bit carried away with car this weekend i was only going to repair a small dent in the bonnet then i ended up stripping the wings, bonnet, doors, i also cut 2 vents in the bonnet which i really like, i put 3 slots in rear wing extenions so the lights can be seen,i primed the metal...
  11. On Topic
    Incredibly there has been 198 records set at Bonneville this Speedweek with 53 of them being over 200 mph and 4 of those being over 300! Top dog of the meet so far is Charles Nearburg in the Spirit of Rett Streamliner (AA/GS) with a 368.136 mph record! Well done to that man and his team!
  12. Chat
    Not a Ferrari fan by any means (bunch of arrogant cheats really..), but best wishes to Felipe Massa for a speedy recovery... :tup:
1-12 of 12 Results