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  1. Chat
    Just ordered a pair of replacement sealed beam headlights for an early Triumph 2000 as one of the low-beam elements had gone and reflectors were shabby on both. Somebody seems to have got mixed up so I've ended up with a pair of later style lights for the grand total of £34 :D No more sealed...
  2. Tech Discussion
    What would be the best calipers and rear drums etc that would bolt on to a Cortina mk4 any ideas please. Cheers Andy
  3. Tech Discussion
    Has anyone had experience of uprating there PA from front drums to Discs...PA discs will obviously fit along with the hubs etc like wise im sure PB or PC. Has anyone used anythin different or more modern that they could recommend aswell?? Cheers Zed
  4. Tech Discussion
    Howdy, OK, I got Capri 2.8i front struts (245 vented) with 5 stud billet hub conversions. The calipers hit the hub as it's a lot thicker than stock. Already sent them back and had them trimmed back but the calipers still don't friggin go on. I'm right outta cash so need to resolve this as...
  5. On Topic
    Not been home a lot lately, been spending LOTS of late nights and weekends at Andy 'Fred' Hones workshop upgrading his chassis, those that dont know, Fred's car is the ex Al packman granada scorpio, previously running sixe's in pro-mod, fred has ran the car successfully for several years in the...
1-5 of 5 Results