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  1. RnS Parts Relay Service
    I just bought in the US and am looking to get it collected and shipped home.I am looking for a company to do this and also if someone wants to ship parts home i may be able to help if a contribution towards costs would be considered.:D
  2. Chat
    I was lucky enought to live in georgia until I was 6 and again a few years ago. I lived near where Deliverance was filmed...which the locals DO NOT like to be reminded of...a real good way to get into a fight....just ask one big ole ******* if he was related to anyone in the film!!!!!!!! In...
  3. Chat
    Hi Can any one advise me how to get some motor parts from newyork state To England it is 3 boxes total weight is 130 pounds At the moment the best price I have had is 510 dollars And this is using us postal service Thanks
  4. Stuff - WANTED
    I have the subrails, rear floor, seat base, wooden seat back, seat box section and cross rails so far. Looking for the following: Rear quarters with supports Lower decklid panel Upper decklid panel Trunk lid Front quarters with supports Cowl top with or without vent Complete rhs and lhs doors...
  5. RnS Parts Relay Service
    hi if anyone is importing in a container I have a smallish crate 7ft by 4ft by 2ft that needs to come over to uk weights only 100bl as all fibreglass bits..... if ya importing a car or a container of parts please let me no crate is in ohio any help appriciated the price I have been getting...
  6. Stuff - FOR SALE
    Original steel 32 tudor sedan body - complete £5,500. Has been blasted and protective coated and is in very solid condition. The body may be parted out and cowl, doors and roof sold off separately. Advertised on behalf of friend - please do not pm please ring him direct on 07971 566 235
  7. Chat
    when I go to hershey swop meet in america I always have crab cakes ,I can get the claw meat no probs , but how do you cook and make them ? and what do you use as a binder etc :incheek:
  8. On Topic
    Hi everybody, long time reader first time poster . . so Ive found a car/scrap pile, and its in the middle of the states, Minnesota! . . I have no experience of USA transport companies or shippers so if anybody can help me with advice or recommendations I would very much appreciate it :incheek...
  9. Tech Discussion
    Van failed the mot on a few odds n sods. Play in the steering wheel was one. The play is definately in the steering box, so I adjusted it and it's a little better but still some play in there. So, is there play built into these or what? I wound the adjuster a little at a time until it went stiff...
  10. History Archive
    Did anyone on here go on any of the holidays to the US with Street Machine ? I went in 1990 ( I think ) to LA for the Pamona swap meet then two days at the world finals :D First week stayed in a hotel opposite Disney then moved to the Holiday Inn at Santa Monica. Remember going to a diner on...
  11. The Showroom
    my thames gasser which is in south new jersey near to atco drag strip
  12. Chat
  13. Traders - For Sale / Services - CLOSED
    New in the box E/W USA SBF electronic dizzy / small cap , vaccum advance , load & lite complete. 110 GBP to your door UK. Regards Daryl
  14. On Topic
    '68 Hemi Roadrunner MILEAGE 35522 Always garaged, Fully loaded, Maintenance records available, New paint, No accidents...
  15. On Topic
    On BBC ONE now across the USA NOW.
  16. History Archive
    Found on Pathe News Site.Amazing the amount of VW Bugs on the highway.
  17. Tech Discussion
    Anyone know the PCD for U S Ford 5 stud wheels of the top of there head? Cheers
  18. Chat
    Hi all...Lost a good deal in Tennesse couple of weeks back. Now got the bug, can anybody tell me if this is correct. I was looking at a 35' Dodge truck, now a 33'. If a car has the correct title i.e 33 Sedan, when the car lands here I pay 5% VAT, and as the car is propely titled i only need an...
  19. On Topic
    Does anyone know anything about, or has recently imported a vehicle from the US? I've found some Trucks for sale in the US, they look solid enough from the pics but who knows? I have a few questions. How to set up the deal (not keen on turning up to some guys house God knows where with a case...
  20. History Archive
    Just came across this, just a brief shot of the well known Chevelle at Dover drag strip. On another web site I read the chevelle is being put back in to the "Russo's Rat" paint as in the video.
1-20 of 26 Results