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  1. Stuff - WANTED
    Hi All. I need at least one Hemi exhaust valve. 5.370 length. 5/16th stem. 1.75 dia head or greater. Urgently needed. May take a full set if the price is right. PM me here. Thanks. Tig.
  2. On Topic
    Hi All, I have bought a set of Cobra slots and they are fitted with a standard rubber type valve. Am I right in saying that these should have the metal valves? Does anyone know where I can get a set of these from? Cheers, Stu.
  3. Stuff - WANTED
    Im looking for a couple of old engine valves that I can machine into some cutters for a wee job I have they need to be 1.75" dia or larger and have a 0.343"ish stem. Thanks for looking Ian
  4. Stuff - FOR SALE
    two pair,s of manual air valves one pair firestone with guage 40 pound, one pair viair with guage 40pound for use with air suspension air bags :smoke:
  5. Tech Discussion
    Has anybody actually had a pcv valve fail in such a way as to give an intermittent air leak?
1-5 of 5 Results