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  1. The Shelf
    Seeing that Revell Custom van on the other thread made me think of this:tup: As a teen in the late 70s early 80s i remember going into hobby/model shops in Hadleigh,Lea and Southend and seeing loads of great cool custom vans on the shelfs.MPC seamed to be the main player Heres some ive seen on...
  2. Tech Discussion
    in the back of a transit, everything is soaked with it and my tools are going rusty :shock:!!!!!!! would a roof vent help ?? maybe one of those spinning things you see on some vans or would letting in a vented panel in the sides work ?? anyone know what else i can do to stop or even just...
  3. The Shelf
    Just a few of mine... Dave.
  4. On Topic
    OK, this thread - pics of trucks, pickups, vans, panel trucks etc - let's see 'em
  5. Chat
    Bloke at work has just been done speeding in his older merc van. he was doing 50-odd in a 60 limit single carraigeway road. he didn't realise the limits are lower for vans. - here's the deal - if the van is car derived and less than 2000kg loaded then the car speed limits apply - if non car...
  6. On Topic
    Lets see some vans!
1-6 of 6 Results