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    Wimbledon or Sidcup which is worse? Any feedback guys?
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    My mate has just built a 200tdi auto 90 landrover on a new galvy chassis. He bought the chassis from a well known chassis company who now inform DVLA of the sale and the buyers details. He built the 90 and was asked to take it for inspection which he did. The lady came to inspect the landy...
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    i need some info on a car and wondered if anyone can get it for me from the reg?
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    My brother and I have had a 1949 F3 truck stuck in the US since last July because the USPS w*nkers lost the title when we sent it "special delivery" to the US shipper. We're told that you can't export a vehicle without an original title document (we do have colour photocopies). It's becoming...
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    As the title says....... which sites do you use if buying a used vehicle. ? ( i bought a very good ringer 6 years ago and had it taken back ) HPi was useless as wasnt the vehicle it preported to be.
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    For a few years I have been planning to construct a vehicle with an old classic technology, but with a twist to it. Recently I have managed to meet a couple of people with the same mindset as me. Unfortunately there are one or areas of the construction that I don't have the necessary skills or...
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    Hi, hoping to bring home on this week an us import, which has just arived. im hoping to collect this from the seller at the docs in london and is being sold with a clear tile and all import dutys paid. the seller has informed me that the above are all correct but will not have the paperwork...
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    My brother is in the process of selling a bike to a guy from Italy. Buyer is a dealer with a professional looking website. Has a number of UK sourced Yanks and customs. All is ok including payment by money transfer direct to bank but he needs my brothers date and place of birth for the deal to...
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    I had the forms come through yesterday to get the Impala registered and 75% of the required information confuses me.... The forms are biased towards the registration of new or nearly new cars. The accompanying booklet talks about type approval, IVA etc, etc and nowhere are older cars...
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    Anyone got a link for the forms needed to register an imported car in the UK? I did have a set but owing to the rebuild taking a wee bit longer than expected I can't find them!
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    Hi from a newbie! Sorry my first post is a bit heavy weight, but I'm struggling to find definative answers to my questions regarding the radically modified vehicle / IVA/SVA issues. My project will involve mid mounting a small block chevy V8 / Porsche G50 trans into a 1303 VW Beetle using the...
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    some of the cars at buntingford village show on 5/9/09
  13. Traders - For Sale / Services - CLOSED Scottie's Vehicle Transportation based in Reading , Berkshire 07788 455385 call or text Classic Car and Rods and Customs are our speciality All vehicles are transported with care and consideration by a classic car owner/drag racing enthusiast. . . 20 + years in the...
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    now got new toy
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    HELP! A mate of ours that we work with is organising the cars for her friends German themed wedding... Anyway, she's asked us if we can help her find a camper preferably with a fold back 'Webasto' type sunroof! Just waiting for the date/location etc from her but anyone who can help please PM...
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1-17 of 17 Results