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  1. On Topic
    hi everyone after spending the day in a mate 27 T bucket yesturday and again today, im undecided weather i want a T or a 32 roadster, i thought it would be good to have a separate thread looking at which vehicles would be a good base vehicle to build up a T onto as a rebody project? i know we...
  2. Tech Discussion
    I want to go to the Griffin meet on Sunday and have two cars that still move, but ain't running right all of a sudden (why do they always do that at the same time?). I have a window of opportunity on Friday evening and Saturday to get both sorted, so I'm looking for a bit of a steer from the...
  3. Chat
    Ok thought I'd post this after I added something to another post.... I assume that most of us have a vehicle that pretty much fills the need at the moment.... Mine is my T ! but what is on your list of 'must have' or would like 'to have' before you die.... or stop driving? Heres mine.. 50's...
1-3 of 3 Results