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  1. On Topic
    Anybody any good at decoding vin plates on 1949 Buicks? I bought a roadmaster sedan and I'm damned if I can find the info on line. Never had trouble with any US vin plate before.... Hopefully one of you guys has the proper buick body and chassis books and a charitable disposition! I can find...
  2. Tech Discussion
    hi all any ideas where i can find the vin no on a ford pop cheers dan any help greatly appreciated
  3. Chat
    Have you been whoring yourself out in the Who Are Ya section today :lol:
  4. On Topic
    What height size does a vin number require 5mm? 6mm? :beuj:
  5. Chat
    Just heard from a friend that Vince had an accident last night, 'vin likes diesel' on here, apparently he tripped/slipped? while locking the yard gate at his workshop he landed on his arm, managed to drive his car, auto thankfully, to his brothers house nearby, 'hurtz' on here, went straight to...
  6. The Garage
    Well , just thought i would start my new thread on here with a big hello to all. There is a reason that i have been quiet for a while which is unusual for me but i have not seen my escort for a month or so as it is with a mate of mine, in his workshop to be precise getting its new paint. We did...
1-6 of 6 Results