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  1. Stuff - WANTED
    Im after some vinyl fabric or leather in navy/dark blue. I need about 3 m x 3m. Will consider anything w.h.y cheers :d
  2. Chat
    Anyone know where I can get some cracked ice seat vinyl (or any other mad textures) in the UK? I know where I can get it in the States but if anyone has any leads here it would be appreciated. I don't need much to re-cover a 50s diner set. also need fairly thin stretchable black. Cheers Al
  3. On Topic
    I'm thinking of getting a bumper done - any experience / recommendations ??
  4. Stuff - FOR SALE
    3 metres of dark blue Zodiac Naugahyde metalflake vinyl £75 plus 5 metres of white pearl vinyl £125 plus Collection / courier prefrred due to length as would prefer not to fold it . Possible collection from swapmeet if I get there .
  5. Tech Discussion
    I've got an old vinyl car seat where the vinyl has gone a bit hard over the years. After sitting on it, it wrinkles up when you get out & takes ages to take it's natural smooth form again. Is there anything that I can put on it to make it more pliable than it is, to soften it up so that the...
  6. Stuff - WANTED
    any one know where I could get some black leather look vinyl tuck and roll?seen it at shows cant find it on line.cheers.
  7. Chat
    Hi all. I've got a handfull of 12" vinyl records [ask your Dad] that I'd like to be able to listen to again, this is made tricky by the fact I haven't got a turntable! Is there anyone on here that can I transfer them to a CD so I can play them in the van or garage? Thanks in advance.
  8. Tech Discussion
    Hi guys I want to know whats the best adhesive to use on a vinyl roof I have painted the car in base & lacquer 2k (don't know if that would make any difference ) brush on or spray I tried the motor factors , they have trim adhesive but sod all else any help thanks
  9. Tech Discussion
    anyone know where i can get a vinyl roof kit for a 28/29 pickup?? i've tried lebaron bonney in the states $80 but they're not replying regarding shipping costs,been over 2 months now!! yorkie
  10. Chat
    I need something doing for a project , would it be suitable to use as a mask for sandblasting ? - no really heavy blasting just a light go with very fine media . Cheers, Ron
  11. Tech Discussion
    on a model y it had a large opening in the roof wich i filled in and now i need to stick a piece of vinyl on the top of the roof..i take i glue it on ..what do i do about the edges,is there a trim i can fit around it.:?:what glue do i use?
  12. Tech Discussion
    were and who supplies vinyl roof covering and what do you do about the edges ??? same as in the pic but in black
1-12 of 12 Results