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  1. What, Where, When ?
    right im going to put a meeting together again next mth but would like to know what day is best for you's MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY at the haden cross thursday is quiz night so if u wanna quiz aswell thursday lmao this will be up for 4days then ill put a date and time for the meeting again...
  2. Chat
    Please watch and listen and vote yes, and if you want to pass on. The UK Student Festival, 2009 Sold Out & Voted 'Best Small Festival' at The UK Festival Awards. This is our cousin Thanks Jane xx
  3. Chat
    Is there by any chance an election due soon? I only ask because we haven't seen one single member of any party, not one has knocked on our door to persuade us to vote for them. I have watched the debates, watched the political broadcasts and the main parties ie. Cons. Lab. Libs all seem more...
  4. Chat
    Click on Eurodragster guys,and get your vote in "best newcommer" Won her championship in her first year ! "Lucy Mathews" (Aparantly her brother is an ok guy aswell !)
1-4 of 4 Results