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    Stuck in Bucharest, bored and gonna miss Chelsea:sniff: Anyone else doing what they don't wanna?
  2. Vehicles - FOR SALE
    1963 morris minor superbly built with v8 and five speed,custom frame ,custom front independant suspension with disc brakes and rack and pinion steering,narrowed IRS with locking diff, propshaft handbrake, rover v8 with ,cam,headwork,headers,edelbrock 500cfm 4 barrel, offy intake,dual stainless...
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    heya gang, wasnt quite sure where to stick this so if it requires moving,please do.. Recently received this email, from a film co. looking for heavily modded Rods for the next AUDI advertising campaign in the UK.. Thought it might be a cool opportunity for some of you guys to get your rods on...
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    Is there any Hot rod/Custom show`s near wiltshire at all. I really want to go to one and smell some tyre. And see some nice pin up`s
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    Well do ya.........:shake: Bob..
  6. On Topic
    Hi, When i got my F100 Truck i was told it was a 68 Z28 327ci engine fitted with front clip!! Well i looked at late 60's camaros at weekend and stuck my head underneath and it ain't the same as. Mine has got only 1 big chunky cross member under engine where those had a smaller one and another...
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    Wanna Whack/ Kill you Boss… Click Enter when the screen comes up, takes a little time to load but hang in there YOUR GOING TO LOVE THIS……..TO KILL YOUR BOSS MOVE YOU POINTER AROUND THE ROOM AND CLICK,.ON ONE OF 17 THINGS etc,etc, . .ONCE YOU KILL HIM ….. CLICK CLEANER...
1-7 of 7 Results