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  1. Vehicles - WANTED
    Would like something that has an MOT & not a lot of welding needed. Must run as I will have to drive it back home (or if the price is right I'll consider a non runner). Pics, details, price, location please. Thanks, Paul - Here's one that I really wanted recently but didnt have the cash........
  2. Vehicles - WANTED
    If there's a chance? Does anybody know of a cheap Mk1 Consul bodyshell, need one to rob some panels from.... For a friend. Thanks, Micky T.
  3. Stuff - WANTED
    Hi, Has anyone got a vauxhall viva hc front suspension cradle that they want to sell please, if you can help please call 07801710361 and ask for steve. cheers
  4. Vehicles - WANTED
    The wife woke up last Saturday morning to find some scrot had stolen her car, an L plate BMW. To be fair, tax was nearly out, and MOT was also nearly up, and I think it would have struggled to get through another one. Probably now in a cube on its' way to China, and not worth claiming on...
  5. Stuff - WANTED
    hi everyone i have been looking at a few photos on T's on the net and decided that i would like to try and find a T or similar rear leaf spring so i can set up my T's rear end as a transverse rear leaf spring please let me know what youve got and how much you would like for it, pm me on here...
  6. Stuff - WANTED
    Model A relevant parts wanted for tightest budget build you can imagine. Particularly front suspension parts, open-minded as to what setup. Mail me if you have anything reasonably priced or ring or text 0776-20-400-99 Andrew.
  7. Vehicles - WANTED
    Hi every one, Looking for a chevy pick up must be running with t&t and in reasonable condition dont mind a little bit of work, would like a long box v8 1960-63 or 1974-79 long box v8 no 4x4s also 1947-53 & 1955-57 short box step side or 1958-9 fleet side long box, no projects as i am currently...
  8. Vehicles - WANTED
    hello ,wanted ford pop ,unfinished project ,or rolling chassic that has been boxed or redone with surspension done or part done ,or is any one out there making chassic ,have body of pop so thats a start ,cheers Andy :D
  9. Vehicles - WANTED
    Has anyone got one for sale ? Im interested in a running restoration or better . Must have T&T so I can drive it home. I dont mind doing some work but not a full rebuild , Im in Hull east yorks but I am willing to travel for right car. Mk2 zodiac or zephyr also welcome . Please ring (01482)...
  10. Stuff - WANTED
    Parachute wanted for 9 second, 1000kg car. Thanks for ad. Ian.
  11. Stuff - WANTED
    useable set of jaguar outboard discs and working calipers model doesnt matter as long as there jag/chevy 5 stud pattern. All 4 corners needed.
  12. On Topic
    I have been contacted by a show organiser who is looking for upto 12 American classics/Hotrods for a display over the weekend of 19th-29th June. The show is primarily a Classic American Airplane show to be held at North Weald. I am told that driver and passengers will get tickets for both days...
  13. Stuff - WANTED
    this ad is for me mate,he is after a cheap pair of glass 29A pickup rear wings.cheers
  14. Stuff - WANTED
    as it says looking to prostreet my 53 chevy stepside so looking for narrowed rear axle..can anyone help? cash is waiting
  15. Vehicles - WANTED
    No projects, billet or huge V8s. T&T, stock with a straight six would do me fine. [email protected]
  16. Tech Discussion
    Auto electrician wanted in my area or willing to travel to Aldershot , must be 55 chevy friendly .
  17. Stuff - WANTED
    Wanted: Folding front bench seat, preferably to fit a 46 - 48 Ford, but anything in any condition will be considered. [email protected]
  18. Stuff - WANTED
    pop inner wings 2'' over fronts boot glass bakelite rubbers wing beading mk2 jag rad sbc short alloy water pump pulley exhaust gaskets billet pump snout escort mk 2 quick-rack 2.4/7 145 65 15 tyres a pair new one small bearing 5 stud ford 8'' axle half shaft pair onf new bearings and collars...
  19. Stuff - WANTED
    None of my batteries i the garage are holding their charge. I don't really want to pay £50 for a new one for a car i'll only get to drive probably once every few weeks. It's for my mk2 Cortina 1600. Something close to Peterborough would be ideal.