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  1. Tri Chevys, Spirit Of the Fifties and the Tuck...
    A great turn-0ut of Tri Chevys at Watford Rods show, just got round to uploading some pics.
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    Some more pic's from watford rods show
  3. Chat
    Just got on the M25 on route home and this is the result of what a H.G.V has done to my mates Steves Camaro. He was travelling in the N/S lane [the slow one] when the H.G.V decided he wanted to be in the same lane knocking the Camaro of the motorway and also damaging the other side of the car...
  4. On Topic's some more!
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    a few pictures from today...
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    Is the Watford run on this bank holiday monday? as I havn't seen it advertised anywhere, it's quite a treck for me if it's not on. Thanks in advance...Paul...
  7. Chat
    Watford Gap services and that little road that passes it are 50 today. The telly and radio people had taken over the north bound side when I was there about eight this morning, plus a display of Bikes and a sales booth from the Ace Cafe. And all I wanted was a Jimmi Ridle and a bar of...
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    So it rained a little? So what! Some verrry cool cars there, and a very sensible showfield arrangement! Well done to the Watford Rods! ...and here's some pix...
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    Rumour has it leaving Heston westbound services about 9.15...
  10. On Topic
    Is it on next Monday, read a mention that it might not be?
1-10 of 10 Results