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  1. What, Where, When ?
    Its good news Im glad to say, Saturday evening looks to be bathed in warm sunshine for the South East region of England :bigsmile: This means the **brand new meet** at the 1066 diner starting at around 5.30p.m. postcode TN32 5JH about five miles south of the Lamberhurst venue on the A21 will...
  2. Chat
    just getting in to the start of the racing /show season and we get rain, rain, and more bloody rain. I feel for the guys that have made all the effort to get to the 'pod' and 'shakey' this weekend.
  3. Chat
    Now for those that have not left yet an hr ago there was no clouds to be seen and starting to get frosty on the cars and roofs so id guess its going to be cold early but if the last 3 days is anything to go by it will brighten up around 10ish :tup: Hopefully no rain sleet hail or snow this...
  4. Chat
    anybody on the south coast tell me whats the weather like around chichester way??, thinking of going out with the dog and wife to bracklesham Glenn
  5. Chat
    My TDI Disco is seriously suffering in this cold weather with mpg's and on average im down around 5-6 mpg. Anyone else notice a difference?
  6. What, Where, When ?
    Lamberhurst Cruise Night wont be on this Saturday due to the rather Inclement weather :sniff:.....pretty obvious really but I thought I would let you know. Next one is Saturday February 13th :tup: almost summer.:lol:
  7. Chat
    Anyone been out working on your rods in the last few days? I have found it be almost too cold to swap for the progress you make. There I am wearing 4 T shirts, 2 sweaters, a fleece aand then another sweater, gloves, hat, 2 pairs of socks and I am still fricken' freezing (and can't move thanks to...
  8. Chat
    it looks like good weather for the NATS.well done to the NATS commitee for arranging the nice weather again this year? YIPPEEEEEEEEE!
  9. On Topic
    . . . for the weekend at Billing. .. Anything has to be better than last year. .. Fingers crossed !
  10. Chat
    its crap and grey here so if its like this wherever you are have a couple of vids to make you smile - least they do me :) i know their both oldies but worth another look :tup:
1-10 of 10 Results