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  1. Chat
    There are lots and lots of web sites about some good some not so good or hard to navigate around, but i would like people to post which they rate maybe could do a top ten at sometime just rod related or fun no porn please. If you are into paint check this one out
  2. On Topic
    Check it out at Add your car if you have any prof' photos
  3. Chat
    setting up a web site for wifey did this, this arvo ... ### link removed ... didn't mean to spam ! ### will obviously be improving it alot ! looking to get it up in the listings for general pet type searches. It's #1 if you search "petshoptoys" , but we want to be up there if you search for...
  4. Chat
    Can anyone recommend an up to date book or books on how to design and build a website. Would be good to have something with worked examples, to help get a feel for what is possible. Mild to wild as they say. There are no doubt loads available, but it would be nice to know which are best to...
  5. Chat
    as some of you know i make nice billet ali bits for cars and bikes, a couple of people have said i should have a web site, sounded like a good idea so i bought a domain name but now havnt a clue what to do with it (i know i could pay somone lots of dosh to do it but i cant afford that). does...
  6. Chat
    Hi, ok I got 'Little Snitch' running to let me know what goes on behind the scenes on my Mac - it highlights any unseen 'connections' that happen betwixt computer and web etc. It's interesting to see how it connects to streaming and 'marketing' links but annoying when you have to approve...
  7. Chat
    anyone have any reccomendations for a website builder out there, i need to get my site done properly. any info phone numbere etc will be appreciated Danny
  8. Chat
    click on the site and just wait dont do anything
  9. Chat
    Would seem to have crashed. did the last person leaving pull the plug out????
1-9 of 9 Results