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    Any club nights or cruises??? Will be in Porthcawl from Saturday for a week... :tup:
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    Just asking coz my ears are bleeding from the wife keep asking me to ask.... Are there gonna be any General Lee chargers at the Runners Show next weekend? We got some friends whos 10 yr old is mad on it and i mean mad and he ain't seen one in the flesh yet. A couple of us are heading up on...
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    Why do Nudist's wear shoes?
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    Is the sky colour just a reflection of the sea?:S
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    Hi Folks Well its great to have a few days off but now we have to cram five days into three. I'm going to charge my self overtime , :shocked:
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    well we started in san fran and slowly got to LA but went to place's inbetween. Would have loved to do alot more car stuff but our family members not that keen on that haha so here we go.... san fran. Didn't see any rods at all but took in good bands etc... moved on to burbank and visited...
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    I am off to the states in a few weeks and have managed to wrangle a couple of days at bonneville for speed week !!:tup: Does anyone know how much it is to enter as a spectator ? Also any other rodding sort of stuff going on around that time as I may be able to make some diversions :D I hope to...
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    Seen on the A406 tonight
  9. What, Where, When ?
    Tuesday, 12th May 2009 Meet at McDonald's drive-in in Leamington (Europa Way, Queensway, Leamington, CV31 3JZ) for 19:30, then at 20:00 we'll cruise into Leamington, down the Parade and out to the Heathcote Inn (Tachbrook Road, CV31 3DG) to meet up with the LowLife VW crowd...
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    We need a red, left hand drive Italian convertible/spider for a shoot early next week (monday) The ideal would be a 'Graduate' type Alpha. Its a paying job - might be up to 4 days! Any help/pointers much appreciated! PM, phone or email me: stewart(at) using @ for (at) 07973...
1-10 of 11 Results