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  1. What, Where, When ?
    whos going to the trip out im going on the lammy even thou tina will be done (i hope) looks good and im told its a great weekend:tup:
  2. Chat
    Had a pretty productive weekend here at Bucket Towers. I bought my old chopped Cortina for the third time in 28 years at Easter with the intention of sorting it out for my Son who's 17 in August, it all went downhill form there really. First off, the insurance was ridiculous, second, the current...
  3. What, Where, When ?
    Anybody else going to the NASC Gary's Picnic/ Yanks Weekend at the end of the month. Bank holiday weekend 29th-31st May at Shakey. It should be a good weekend if the weather holds as the NASC do try to put on good events.
  4. National Street Car Challenge (NSCC)
    i will post up some pics later but here is the video of Davey Mordoch`s RUN , not a burnout, which ended in disaster
  5. Chat
    anyone got any pics ???? tried to find time to get up there and lost !!!!!!
  6. Chat
    Just had a look at the events calendar on here and various other sites, and it all seems a bit quiet, especially as its a bank holiday. Is there anything happening along the southcoast, other than Popham on monday?
  7. Chat
    so thursday i went and collected my a60 pick up from milton keynes,and if you saw 1 being towed by a shogun up the m40 thursday nite twas me!!.then friday got me a honda rebel 125 cruiser off me mate for £220.ok needs a bit of work,no compresion on 1 cyl but its still a bargain.then sat i had...
  8. Chat
    Whos going to the All American Show at the Pod this weekend? Ive just read their website and it looks pretty good with a real Street Car Shootout on Sunday with cash for the winners, Im gonna have a go at that (so Derick dont forget the truck!):rofl:
  9. On Topic
  10. Chat
    My main hobby is offroading/greenlaning. We were away for the weekend around Derby Peak District at trhe weekend and heres a selection of pics from the lanes. Pulled me diff guard off on Dirtlow Rake. Looks like ive ran over two ramblers though, :lol:
  11. Chat
    Anyone fancy a spot of trail riding up in the hills :eek:
  12. On Topic
    Anyone been to this on Friday , today or going tomorrow ? Anyone on here got a stand or display ? Some old drag cars on display[email protected]&[email protected]000000189 :P
  13. What, Where, When ?
    It's the Butty Run at the Diner in Long Itchington, Warks. this Sunday, 7th March. Meet at 9:30ish 'til 12 for breakfast. More details at: We've had a request for vehicles to take part in a professional photo shoot at the meet, promoting a company specialising in retro...
  14. The Garage
    Three pix from the weekend. Towed Gaz's roadster back to Andy's and removed all the paint....and a few finger tips. Got Andy's pickup running again, quick clean up of the points was all that was needed. Hayride here we come! :D
  15. What, Where, When ?
    Shakespeare County Raceway is pleased to announce that the American Star Spangled banner is set to roll out one more time for the Warwickshire drag strips fourth annual Yanks Weekend during the course of a monster three day Bank Holiday weekend - May 29th/31st. Classic and late model street and...
  16. On Topic
    Updated 8/2/10 Have been helping my friend Kris get his Scimitar based Willys started I have given him 10 days garage space to get as much done before moving it to his cramped single one. We picked up the body from Mark Bull on Wednesday and put it on the chassis 6pm Friday. The chassis...
  17. Chat
    is anyone off to the autosport show?? is birmingham still under mountains of snow and ice as my transits not too good on the slippery stuff..???
  18. History Archive
    Can any of you guys remember (late 70's) Cliff Pemberton and his mate Geoff they were from Liverpool,Cliff was a painter and had the Capri "WEEKEND WARRIOR" these two were the funnist fuckers ive ever come across,attended all the runs,and if the Capri didnt win owt ,he'd repaint it by the next...
  19. On Topic
    Had a good weekend myself, not in the same league as Fred, but managed to get the Cuda down the track without bouncing all over the place. Sunday was too chaotic for my liking, queued up in the fire up lane for nearly 2 hours,so gave up after one run. Saturday was less busy & I managed to run...
  20. On Topic
    Was wondering who was going to the Pod this weekend ? Tracks meant to be open till 9pm Saturday, normal time Sunday. Just hope the weather holds out
1-20 of 51 Results