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  1. On Topic
    so, whats the deal with a 100kg weight difference? If I have a project car that weighs 1450kg, and a donor that weighs 1350kg, is it going to work? for this exercise, i'm planning on using the rear ale out of the donor car as well. The donor car is stupid fast as it, with about 160bhp, whereas...
  2. Chat
    Does anyone have a link for a power to weight website please ? I'm after a daily driver that I can use as an occasional track day car and want to know what might be the best to buy. Prefer RWD. Maybe an MX5, MR2, BMW 325, or perhaps a 205GTi or similar hot hatch.
  3. Tech Discussion
    might sound like a bone question, but what is the differance between a "kerb weight" and a "maximum gross weight" when your talking about a car?
  4. Tech Discussion
    not sure if this is the right place ?? (tech??) but a quick question for the more experianced drag racers out there is it possible to make your vehicle TO light after a nightmare last time out with cross winds , i was wondering if losing a lot of metal for figlass was the right thing to do...
  5. Tech Discussion
    hi guys , ive been offered a vauxhall calibra v6 which i want to fit into my 72 vauxhall victor fd estate. anybody know the weight of said engine. cheers ade
  6. Chat
    this should save some weight
1-6 of 6 Results