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  1. Jobs - Wanted/Available
    3 years experience on classic and modern vehicles, learning fabrication and welding I'm 19 and looking for a job that consist of engine work/tuning, bodywork, fabrication, welding, painting and customising preferably on American vehicles in Surrey. I've been working on cars for 3 years and...
  2. Traders - For Sale / Services - CLOSED
    restoration,welding,paintshop and body mods,chassis,suspension,drivetrain mods/swaps,trim shop,family run,years of experience turning out quality work,priced jobs so no stealth bills.transport available for project cars.classics,rods,yanks,bikes,kits.based central to lincoln/scunthorpe on the...
  3. Tech Discussion
    ocasionally when i'm MIG welding, i'll be welding away... no probs .....take my finger off the trigger to finish and the gas will continue coming out ???? ....and i have to shut it off at the bottle........what causes this, do i need a new tourch ?? Many thanks ...:happy: Mike
  4. Stuff - FOR SALE
    c02 gas welding bottle about 31" high excellent condition empty collection only £30
  5. Tech Discussion
    any tips on welding stainless steel with a mig welder ? can i use cougar gas or ? what wire ? settings compared to steel of same thickness ? im using a 180 amp mig trying to fab an exhaust so about 1.5mm wall help rob
  6. Chat
    Has anyone got or used one of these from Machine Mart, if so, any good?
  7. Tech Discussion
    When TIG welding mild steel i.e Alternater bracket,if you can fuse together ok with out filler rod is this ok or should you all ways dab in the filler rod ?,if its ok is this safe/strong enough for chassis work ? I know people do this on exhaust but thats a bit different.
  8. Tech Discussion
    Just crossing my mind, but when I need to weld in the sheet faces/ends to the arches on the Austin, the new metal will be at a right angle to the arch metal. Now, is it better to weld on the inside or the outside of the joint i.e the acute angle or the obtuse, inside or outside the arch? Does...
  9. Stuff - FOR SALE
    I have 4 x Chicago Electric auto-darkening welding helmets for sale. Shade range 9-13, Clear to dark 1/25,000 sec Not for oxyacetylene welding. Price £40 each. I will be at swap meet, so I can deliver there if required.
  10. Tech Discussion
    is it doable. hows the rad held together and in what order is it made. the tubes in the pic are stuck to the ends with what looks like some sort of yellowish resin. will this melt if i start welding close to it. need to alter inlet/outlet and blank of cap
  11. Traders - For Sale / Services - CLOSED
    now i appreciate this might be like selling sand to the arabs but ive just been made redundant and I am going self employed doing my day job ( chillers and refrigeration ) , so I'm also pushing the welding service I offer too for the quieter times , panel fabrication , mechanics also but old...
  12. Tech Discussion
    putting some patches on my pop frame with a welder ive not used before done plenty of welding with my old clark 100en and not had this problem new welder is a cebora 160 welding a square patch in the frame, tacked the patch in place. done a couple of inches of weld then i leave it to cool so...
  13. Tech Discussion
    i am going to extend the chrome strip on the rear quarters of my amazon.i am going to join to strips together can i get these mig welded together or do i have to get them welded some otherway.thanks danny
  14. On Topic
    If you like looking at good welding and fab look at this guys project...
  15. Chat
    have a look but dont laff to hard
  16. Stuff - FOR SALE
    Rehmann DC 160AMP Inverter TIG, Torch, Earth Clamp, coms with gas hose, Argon twin gauge regulator and flowmeter. Has HF starting and post gasflow control. Very small unit but actually quite powerful, I reckon it'll do up to 6-7mm plate easy. Can arc it up for you to demonstrat but have no...
  17. Tech Discussion
    i have just set up my tig a hobart 250a tigawave. i have never tig welded before, how do you know wjhat size electrodes tungstons and ceramic covers to use? there must be a easy way, i assume the larger the current the larger the shroud??? i have sucessfully stuck the tungston to the metal...
  18. On Topic
    I need some aluminium pipes tig'd together. Anyone recommend anyone friendly in the Essex area?
  19. Tech Discussion
    I have a friend with a Kawasaki with it's original 1980's exhaust system. One of the boxes has a couple of small holes, probably the result of being scraped on a curb rather than corrosion from the inside. I assume the system is chrome plated mild steel. What is the best method to repair, TIG...
1-19 of 21 Results