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    theres atop ten so who got what ,,
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    Jon Spoard took the pic of me videoing at Wheelsday an hour of which is now on Youtube.... enjoy..:tup:
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    I heard the weather was crap!......any feedback?
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    Right OK we have had a review of the traffic and are trying some thing different this year. Show Cars - Should aim to leave the A331 via North Camp, head towards Farnborough, Then A325 towards Farnham, at the Clubhouse road junction (if going Southbound) or A323 junction (if going Northbound)...
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    Please note NO DOGS at wheelsday, we have had to take this as a clause in our license from the MOD and have tryed our hardest to get it changed but it's a no go :tdown: sorry not what the SSR wanted but there you go, the MOD WILL be on site checking us out this year seams red tape is getting...
1-5 of 5 Results