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  1. Tech Discussion
    Hi iv been trying to look on this forum and on the internet but I have a jag xj40 rear axle with out board brakes, which with my wheels roughly measures 65" (1650mm apx) but I'm looking at reducing the width down to about 51" (1300mm apx) so would losing 7" each side be ok or can I take more...
  2. Tech Discussion
    Hi all, I'm intending on fitting some 15x4 Hillman Minx wheels (when I can source them) to my Prefect and would like to know the maximum tyre width I can safely get away with. I've noticed at shows that a lot of people are using Minx wheels and some literally have their tyres ballooning off the...
  3. Tech Discussion
    :beuj: I've just first fitted the recently acquired Jag shortened wishbones and driveshafts hubs and wheels, they measure 56 inches outer edge to outer edge of the tyre, the problem is the front measures 64 inches edge to edge. Would it be best if I went back to my original wishbones etc which...
  4. On Topic
    This might sound like a daft post but I want to be sure before I complain. I bought a wheel of fleabay, a bit of a bargain. Advertised as 16x7, now I would say it's 16x8. The back space is okay and I don't have the other one yet so it's not a huge problem but I would like to know for definite...
  5. Stuff - WANTED
    Got the other things sourced, but I'm still after some 'glass pop rear wings, stock width. Thanks in advance
  6. Stuff - WANTED
    I am after a cheap pair of stock width fibreglass rear wings for my pop. They need to be radiused for bigger wheels, and my steel ones are too good to cut. If anyone has a pair that has damage to the arch lip that would be ideal. Thanks, Mark
  7. Tech Discussion
    what is the width of a 100e rear axle cheers
1-7 of 7 Results