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    Got her doing the dinner. are any of you man enough to make yours cook. Jack
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    What are you giving you wife / girl / boy friend for Valentine day I've decided to give mind the Buttons to the TV.........8) Bob…
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    What you getting the wife for Christmas Better get it right this year .. or we might all meet up here ... lol >>>>> Bob....
  4. Stuff - FOR SALE
    i know it aint rod related but gonna try it as i need the money for car 2 crt diamond cluster ladies ring . valued at £2500 15 years ago ! ideal to put you in the good books with the bride . £8 million but will take sensible offers :rofl:
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  6. The Garage
    Been building this forever (and I mean forever). Painted these bits a few weeks ago and nailed it together easter weekend (with some help from my mate Mike). Won't be doing any more for a while. Got to finish a 37 Hillman Minx, so that I can sell it. Then It's Minor time , Then It's my turn ( 35...
1-6 of 6 Results