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    So, I've just fitted my new 'clam-shell' style roof to my 27T. It hinges at the back behind the seats and sticks straight up in the air when it's open. So far so good... Then I put the car away in the garage... ...with the roof up! F*%K Anybody else done anything that stupid? Ian
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    I think he was the front runner but shot his self in the foot over the last few days! Car crash TV I know but Sam insists on watching it so I get stuck in...
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    FREE HOLIDAY This is a letter I received earlier looking for help, please read and let me know it you can help. If you want to pm me or ring on o7967 326613 or leave a note on this thread. There is a holiday to be won. We are looking for a max of 15 cars so it will be first come first served...
  4. On Topic
    Derek Flynn wins Top Methanol5.7 7/418Kph and Andy Carter wins Top Fuel at a 1000 ft 4.122/475Kph. At the Nitro Nationals in Finland. Well done.:tup:
  5. On Topic admiration ! i bought a few old press release fotos over the weekend & thought i oughta get these pics too. There is a couple of pages of what im assuming is the description of it but im still trying to translate it from Dutch .... Im not an heartless sod so i'll leave you a clue...
1-5 of 5 Results