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  1. Stuff - WANTED
    new to all of this and the scene, have brought a cheap car to get me started "77 mustang 2 302ghia right hand drive" an its in need of some work, currently looking for the two rear windows in the mid section of the car, it has the two small ones in at present but has the cut outs ready for the...
  2. Chat
    Looking for some 70's esque side windows. Where can u get em? :S
  3. Tech Discussion
    does any one know where i can get some door glass cut for my truck it is flat ,,:D
  4. Tech Discussion
    Hi I know this is gonna sound stupid I'm fitting the front and rear screen rubbers to a chopped pop, is the lip on the inside or the outside. It looks right both ways now but I thought the slot that the window sits in should be on the inside, this is a case of looking but not taking notice...
  5. Chat
    Hi all, after some advise if possible. Our pc's at home currently run XP and I am happy ith this. I know my way around this system enough to solve any little niggles that may arise. My laptop though is about to die, and needs to do file check every time it starts up. It is about 8 years old so...
  6. Chat
    got a pop in this week that has got fixed pespex windows and ive got to change back to wind up ones . i need to get some glass for it so need to find someone local to me that can cut to size when i template it , the pop is chopped but didnt know if i could get away with original pop glass ...
  7. Tech Discussion
    just wanted to see if anyone knows what needs to be done to swap normally sealed windows (ie with a rubber) to bonded windows plus what seal you need to cover the edge etc, the car has flat glass all round but i'm not sure how available the rubbers are so am just thinking ahead,many thanks paul:tup:
  8. Freebies
    i dont no if anyone wants these before i bin them rear doors/side/tailgate windows back door hanles
  9. Stuff - WANTED
    Wanted - pair if vent window assembly's for 65 GTO. Email: [email protected] cheers for ad Si, Mark
  10. Chat
    Has anyone else got this as I'm having a bit of bother arranging my photo folders. Our old PC had XP which let you drag folders around & put photos into whatever order you wanted, you could also have one photo in two folders, but from what I can see, 7 insists on the folders being in...
  11. Chat
    anyone using it ? im going to replace my laptop and im sure the sales guy will want to sell the newest version but i have heard of some people having problems with it, is it worth having or should i just have vista/ xp instead ?? :)
  12. Tech Discussion
    Hi All, I have recently purchased a MK5 Cortina with no ID, no that that bothers me as I have had it inspected by the DVLA and a chassis number has been allocated. My question is, on all the windows the registration number had been etched into it, on all the windows with exception of the...
  13. Tech Discussion
    Just sorting out the wiring on my electric windows. Switches have 6 terminals 3 for up /3 for down, does anyone have a schematic for the wiring before I spend hours making my head hurt please ?
1-13 of 13 Results