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  1. Stuff - FOR SALE
    2 wire wheels were made to go on a jago axal comes with tryes and disks and will fit transit spindils ,,,, sell £300 or swap or make me an offer 07920281671 , any time
  2. Tech Discussion
    hello all i pulled the dash clocks from my mk2 consul today to find the wire from the ignition switch to the coil is cooked , does anyone know what awg gauge it is or to replace it with (little voice in my head says 12 awg ?) im lucky no other wires cooked...
  3. Stuff - FOR SALE
    Selling on behalf a friend: Trailer based on Model T running gear. Ball hitch, complete with adapter which can be bolted to your tow bar. When was the last time you saw a trailer on leaf springs with wire wheels? Approx 3ft x 4ft. Email me for info, this must go as loss of storage space, or...
  4. Stuff - FOR SALE
    5 new chrome smoothies 6x14 with imitation wire wheel set up all new and unused dual bolt pattern ford/chevy £225.00
  5. Stuff - FOR SALE
    Just had a single wire Delco alternator reconditoned only to find it is no longer needed. 63 amp. Will attach to either side of the engine. £55 [email protected] Please email rather than reply here, as I don't check in very often. Ta.
  6. Tech Discussion
    Hi, got a 1 wire alternator to wire up, googled it and discovered that they don't have a 'dash light' igntion on facility!? Is that right? I got the alt by default, so will have to get over the dash light glitch. I do have an ammeter dial in car so will have an idea of charge etc. So does that...
  7. Tech Discussion
    how do you wire one of these up. i've only ever seen switches with 2 wires
  8. Stuff - FOR SALE
    Still up for sale a set of 4 wire wheels removed from my Shay A, English Ford stud pattern ie same pcd as Cortina, Anglia Mustang 2 etc...19" diameter. They are as seen in the attached (upper) photo they need blasting and refinishing they come with tyres, inflated but badly perished, Have a...
  9. Tech Discussion
    Hi folks, not having much luck on the net here but I bet someone here can help. How do I wire a Lucas style control box to a dynamo? The terminals are labelled E, D, WL, F and B. D and WL are connected, there is what looks like a resistor between F and D. I am guessing the following, so...
  10. Chat
    Did anyone see this film,last night,bbc2? I thought it was really cool! The man is/was fearless & 4 cans short of a 6-pack!!:giggle: If you missed it you can catch it on bbc i player.:tup:
  11. Tech Discussion
    I have a one wire alternator but the wire has been spliced and I want to rewire it . What amperage wire can I use , just picked up some 27 amp wire from the factors , is this too low ? Cheers :)
  12. Stuff - FOR SALE
    Set of Model A front brakes, in good order, with spindles and tie rod, £45 the lot. Will sell bits seperately. Set of four A 21" wires, real good nick, £80 all four. Early (thirties) grill shell, been sectioned, I think its a Mopar grill but not 100%. Can email pics, £70. Cheers, Kerry...
  13. Freebies
    I have one wire 16" wire wheel with some spokes missing if anyone wants it for free. Russ 07980 416785
  14. On Topic
    need to prep a Camaro subframe this weekend for paint and have been looking at various cups brushes etc. Before I commit myself to spending cash any recommendations? Want to use it on my lekky drill. Also where to buy would be usefull. P.:D
1-14 of 14 Results