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  1. Tech Discussion
    Hi, The project I'm in the middle of is based on a BOB engine, gear box and wiring, and I'm trying to link a Corsa EPAS into the system. I've looked at all the wiring diagrams I can find, Ford Scorpio 1995+ and others but still struggling to find information, if you can help I would be very...
  2. Tech Discussion
    Hi All Anybody know where in the UK I can get a decent selection automotive wiring? I want to build my own harness from scratch, in OEM colours (so the damn wiring diagram makes some f****** sense) and this needs some two-tone wires. Can't find a supplier who will do these. Need to be ble to...
  3. Tech Discussion
    Does anyone have a diagram or detailled advice on how to do this? Engine and ignition are from 2 litre Sierra and the module is flat black bakelite on an ally heatsink, it's a Motorcraft item with 6 pins. It's labelled 83BB 12A199 B3A. I never had the plug that goes with it so I made one up...
  4. On Topic
    Need a bit more advice on wiring regs in the garage, Ring main will mostly be hidden behind inner wall skin, but where it is showing above the walls (along eaves tops) and also the lighting wiring in the roof, does it have to be in trunking or is it ok to just clip it to the joists?
  5. Tech Discussion
    I'm after a wiring diagram for the above please!! Or a clever person to be able to tell me the wire colours for the C4 ignition lockout, what the other 5 wires (in a block) are that hang off the gerabox and finally the wiring schematics for the old solid state brain!!! Any help appreciated ...
  6. Tech Discussion
    Can someone please confirm the correct wiring for an alternator? My "understanding" is that the large terminal gets a permanent 12v feed. The smaller one gets an ignition feed, which goes through a dash warning light, which will go out when the alternator spins? Thanks guys Mark
  7. Stuff - FOR SALE
    Brand new in box with fiting instructions 12s are £160, 20S are £170. please call for any info Wayne o7766027324
  8. Tech Discussion
    I have a little universal wiper motor to go in my pop. I had one on my last car, and it worked great so I tried to get another. The one I have is slighlty different to the last one I had though. As its a motor, I was expecting a pos and neg terminal, and my switch would be on the positive...
  9. Tech Discussion
    Not for me! My neighbour has bought himself a `67 split window bus a needs a diagram of the engine electrics. Ta.
  10. Tech Discussion
    Where might i find a basic wiring diagram for a Cologne 2.9 EFI ..its in the Consul but i just need the basics for starting,running and the minimum of sensors..basically water and has an auto box btw..
  11. Tech Discussion
    Long shot, but I know a few of you, like me, have had Opel Manta’s in the past! I have a pair of Manta headlight wiper motors from when I converted mine to quad headlights and I want to use one on the Vicky as a cheap solution to my wiper problem. Does anyone have an old Haines manual kicking...
  12. On Topic
    Just to spread that word that American Autowire's online shop will ship USPS to the UK. I needed some additional bits to add to my new 57 Chevy AAW loom and they were a doddle to order. Al
  13. Tech Discussion
    anyone know where i can get pectel outer wire covering want to tieded up the 20y old wiring loams ive tried peebay..maplins and a large elec supl al the black weave type
  14. Tech Discussion
    around the ignition,,ignition is also getting hot,is there something wrong,it a rv8 model y...and found it will keep running when i switch the ignition off,and then stop about 5 seconds later thanks for any help
  15. Tech Discussion
    got to the point i will need to wire my 300e what is the best loom to get and where will i get one :tup:
  16. Tech Discussion
    What basic wiring do I need just to start a car and run it for about 5 mins while I move cars around? Typically, I've taken all of the wiring out of my Plymouth to fit a Jack Hammer kit but could now do with moving the car out of the nice warm garage as a job on the daily Marina van needs...
  17. Stuff - WANTED
    Anyone got an EZ or Painless wiring kit for sale? Looking for a complete kit, around 16-circuits. Giving this a try before shipping one over. Ian
  18. On Topic
    who has found a wire like this in their car and then had a panic? no prizes for guessing what I changed today ...............
  19. Tech Discussion
    hi all got a HEI dizzy in the chevy, does anyone know which wire is connected to the ignition switch? pink or brown? been told it's the pink, but i don't want to fry it!!
  20. Tech Discussion
    I have a 305 out of an 80s Firebird and I need a little help with the alternator. I know I could probably work this out, but I'm having a bit of a thrash to get the thing running for Sunday. So I have a fat black wire, a fat red wire, a thin black wire and a black wire with a capacitor on the...
1-20 of 24 Results