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    a builder called fred, ex norfolk, had a 48 beetle, beach buggy pick-up,and was building a model y, when i last saw him, think he moved north? :?:
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    any one shed any light on these cars/names any pics welcome...roy wildings pop,blue or red[talented bloke,a pop called ole timer v6 belonged to a milk man by me and a moggy called mongoose
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    Hi all, I have just been wondering about a few things and I don't know if anyone can offer any advice. I have a stock (apart from slight engine mods) Anglia. I never see many other stock Anglia's or Pop's, so its hard to draw comparisons. The only issue I have with Henry is the wandering on...
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    Was on youtube tonight and came across this by chance. Remember my nan singing it to my mom and my mom to me over 20 years ago brought back a lot of memories. Strange i knew the words though. Not heard it for over 20 years. Just wondered if it was sang to any of you. Reading the comments on...
1-5 of 5 Results