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    'A' A-400: A convertible two door sedan built by Ford prior to 1932 A-bone: Model A Ford 'B' B-400: A convertible two door sedan built by Ford in 1932 Balonies: Wide bad ass tires, usually on the rear Bang Shift: To quickly shift a standard transmission Beast: A really ugly hotrod...
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    Just check this out :pmsl: :wanker:
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    In Car at Bonneville 218 235 248 as a turbo blows...
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    Been toying with writing this for a few days now, but put it off as I decided to back away from being a "regular poster" on any site a while ago as it all seemd to be a bit like looking for a fight at closing time..... This morning I've actually wrote this twice & deleted it. I know (and have...
1-4 of 4 Results