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  1. Who are ya ??
    Hiya fellas and lasses no doubt. You'd think being Clive's son id be about to show you something amazing but truth is dad abandoned us at a young age so i never got to lean from him. I do and have always loved however, from his influence, Classic Cars, especially British 50/60/70's cars. After...
  2. Stuff - WANTED
    Hi Guys and Girls, I'm after either a workshop or some form of car storage facility in the Ipswich area that i can put my project car into and be able to work on it during the inclament weather. Ideally i would like something that i can get access to anytime within reason to work on the car, and...
  3. Stuff - FOR SALE
    I have 4 of these workshop/bulkhead lights . Can't see a makers name but good quality , cast aluminium frames been painted matt black at some time , heavy glass lenses , one lens has a chip off the corner which can't be seen when light is assembled otherwise all in very good condition . 12...
  4. Freebies
    A large steel cupboard approx 73"h X 35 1/2"w X 18"d , exactly the same as the one in the pic but it has a brown body and cream doors with 4 adjustable shelves , has a few paint spots on the front but otherwise in very good condition . Collection from Winton , Bournemouth
  5. The Garage
    I know this is meant for Projects but cant start mine without a workshop to do it. So can anyone help me out Shared workshop space or Garage to rent in this area required a.s.a.p 07952 777390. Steve.
  6. Stuff - WANTED
    I have just moved into Fareham/Portsmouth area and looking for a place to build my 33 Willys as i have no Garage at home can anyone help or does anyone want to share a workspace or has anyone got a relation, friend etc with empty garage that would rent. Thanks for any help on this. 07952...
  7. Stuff - FOR SALE
    I'm rammed to the roof again here, with more stuff coming, so yet again I need to clear out some of the stuff I'm not currently using..... [b]ITEMS WILL BE DELETED FROM LIST ONCE SOLD.[/b[ so if its gone, its gone!! first, some tyres. 1. a matched set of 4 almost brand new (8mm+) nankang NS2...
  8. On Topic
    Hi All, The following few pics are supposed to be of one of my workshops, this workshop i share with my neighbour. As you can see it is no longer a workshop and now just garage/storage. Sorry if the pics are a bit dark but it is like an army assault course just to try and get to the light...
  9. Chat
    Here's a cheap way of getting some hot water in this cold weather
  10. Stuff - FOR SALE
    :sniff::sniff:due to trying to exspand the family we are outgrowing our large 2bed bungelow so it has to go on the market £230,000 it has a very large workshop just over 100sqm enough room for 4 cars with ease offroad parking for up to 5 cars i will put alink to it on right move when the estate...
  11. Chat
    I have just realised that I am still using an old aluminium spreader board, I made the board 35 years ago, and still going strong, I just DA it off before every use. :tup:
  12. Chat
    This might not work, but I have seen it done on other forums so thought I may as well try it on here. So go on, post us some shots of your garages, workshops, lock ups, second homes ect 8)
  13. Chat
    Though some of you might appreciate seeing this again. 8) :)
  14. On Topic
    What's everyone using for workshop heaters, gas, electric, halegon etc? No looking at spending a fortune so any budget ideas gratefully received. Cheers Gotzy
  15. Stuff - FOR SALE
    for sale all nearly new engine stand £50.00 ono engine hoist £100,00ono pipe bender £100.00ono all clark make please email as not on here alot cheers mick
  16. Stuff - FOR SALE
    hi guy's we are going to move soon so will be putting our 2bed bungalow with 90sq m workshop up for sale soon & was wondering if anyone on hear would be interested price will be in region of £220,000,will be very sad:sniff: to leave this garage behind regards Guy
  17. Stuff - WANTED
    Anybody got spare quality racking for my new shed, I have a wall of 5m long and a height of just below 3m to fill, dont really want 1m deep, 500 would be ideal. Its got the a reasonable quality to store a lifetimes collection of motoring old tat. mostly the old heavy stuff,
  18. Chat
    Ive Run out of space in the workshop !
  19. Chat
    I know this sounds . well , wierd !but there is a reason and i shall explain , you see my mate (no names mentioned ) usually comes up the workshop and machines up a bit for his car as my lathe has a bigger -erm hole up the centre . so rick ,dam i mentioned his name , comes up today to machine...
  20. Traders - For Sale / Services - CLOSED
    I have several units to rent, various sizes. RH12 area, 10 mins from Gatwick. Several hot rodders here already.:bigsmile:
1-20 of 20 Results