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    Dear all, if anyone has any bits that will help Dennis out with 'Nellie' then please let him know. This guy was an absolute star when we got stuck with a seized alternator in Northampton (bearing in mind we live in Cornwall). He went beyond the call of duty to try and help us out so if we can...
  2. On Topic finding new ways to shaft the motorist.
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    Are you aware that a new world record has been set for the HIGH JUMP from a KNEELING position? The record (0.757 meters) ( A little over 27 inches )- remember this is from a KNEELING position - was set recently on a beach near Montpellier in Southern France . This photograph was taken a split...
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    I would like to know if anybody else screamed as much as I did on Test Track? :cool:
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    Driving back from Wolverhampton on the M40 today and the heater started pissing water all over the floor. Stopped at the services to join the inlet and outlet hoses together to bypass the fecker, then went for a burger and a smoke. Come back and there's a fella taking photos of the car on his...
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    American car world magazine anyone on here got this months ................. ? Anyone with the mag got a scanner ..............???? Anyone do me a favour .................... ????? Theres a couple of pics im after from it know the AMERICAN CAR MAG with the pics of an...
  7. Tech Discussion
    evenin all,the carpet in my dodge truck was a bit soggy,the truck stays outside,pulled it back,wet rusty floorpans.took the caddy out,put the truck in and set about it with the grinder.wasnt as bad as i feared.loadsa pitting but no holes.gave it the curust and its lookin good. what will i top...
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    On BBC ONE now across the USA NOW.
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    Well Done that man. :D
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    If anyone has this month's copy and could scan the Editorial relating to Andy Saunders and SVA I and ACE would be grateful Thanks
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    A few shots from today with Crystal and my Camaro :)
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    Found this on a brief surfing session:- [Edit by Roadrunna] Removed link due to virus [/Edit by Roadrunna] Who knew there were hot rods in Hungary? A lot of the content appears to be "foreign" i.e. US and British based but there's some interesting stuff in the "shows" section (some good bikes...
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    on now 9pm disc turbo!! bonneville speed week
1-14 of 14 Results