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  1. On Topic
    Now I like anything Ford and a bit lively, but this takes the piss
  2. On Topic
    Just wondering whats it worth? I know what its cost and everyone would like their money back but if decide to sell, what is peoples opinions about whats it worth whether is be as a whole, or broken up if the screen dont come up trumps? Honesty is always best but be gentle :D:pmsl...
  3. Chat
    time to renew my insurance again :tdown: and seeing as i just changed my policy over from the 32 when i got the cad i need to put a realistic valuation on it . trouble is i have no idea of roughly what it should be . its a 57 eldorado , has a rebuilt 365 engine and trans fitted with the factory...
  4. Chat
    You never know when this sort of info might come in useful (none of us are getting any younger...), so I've copied this e-mail I just got here. Feel free to pass it on - the more people that read it, the more lives might be saved. :) Blood Clots/Stroke - They Now Have a Fourth Indicator, the...
  5. Chat
    Dunno if this has been posted before? A few mins of 50s/60s rods and customs set to music. A little bit cheesey but worth a watch. Enjoy. :smoke:
  6. Chat
    Just had this sent to me by a mate and I liked it so much that I thought it worthy of posting on here for the rest of you to enjoy.
  7. History Archive
    Nice clip turnd up on Pistonheads of the old Group B cars... well worth a look. Si pls move to chat if not on topic enough!:) :tup:
  8. On Topic
    Bloke asked me today what would a 289/toploader combo be worth??? Could be a 302 be he isn't sure, it is all in a Bristol at the mo, but is coming out to make way for some original running gear...
  9. Chat
  10. Stuff - FOR SALE
    Considering parting with some of my treasures depending on offers made. No prices as yet depends what they're worth to the buyer but please be realistic as I need to finish my 51 Cadillac Kustom and it needs some choice bits which aren't cheap. May ebay at a later date. Contact me on...
  11. The Shelf
    I like to collect hotwheels but not the run of the mill stuff. I try to keep it Rods or Drag car related.
  12. The Shelf :shock::shock::shock:
  13. On Topic
    ..just some old Brit built car after having travelled a few miles in some typical British weather. 260 miles down there , half in 28C temps and half in a thunderstorm, with no hood ,650 miles in total since Thursday.Marian excelled herself, my mate Bill managed to fall asleep in it on one...
  14. On Topic
    A little while back we swapped out the oddfire 231 V6 from my mates T for an even fire as tuning gear is more readily available . On Friday and Saturday we swapped in a new Performer plus cam, Edelbrock Performer manifold and Holley 390 onto Antons Buick v6 3.8 T. We had to sort out the rad...
  15. Chat
    Hi all i need your help i am just about to put on epay some jag irs arms and shafts, all four chromed although i would say they were not "polished" before chroming, chrome's good although showing a bit of "red" around the bracket welding. as far as i know they are not narrowed and have good...
  16. On Topic
    This weekend has been great, meet some really cool new people who share the same love with rods as me and my dad. Everytime i go to a show and see some really nice 32's..etc.. i always think to myself is it worth me attempting to build one?? I was thinking of just collecting parts and going slow...
1-16 of 16 Results