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  1. Chat
    Why are we back in xmas mode :D:cool::finger::tup::bigsmile::):tdown::happy::shocked:;):mad:8):P:S:(:twisted::oops::grr: :?::?: Have I missed something
  2. Chat
    well now thats all over and done with, lets get down to building rods :tup: not long to go till the start of the season and a day wasted now will be a kick in the cock come april when your rides not finished :sniff:
  3. Chat
    . . . do they get or give presents, or do they just scowl and watch old videos til it's all over. On behalf of those of us who aren't too keen on the 'humbug' but love the sentiment, can I just say Merry Christmas to you all. Hope you have a Healthy and Happy and, if not prosperous, at least...
  4. Chat
    merry xmas to you all i hope you all have a good time:):):):) steve
  5. Chat
    as above i would like to wish everyone all the best for the up and coming festivities and dont forget guys/dolls spare a thought of our boys in conflict overseas :tup::tup::tup: all the best Garry
  6. What, Where, When ?
    This year, it will be on Monday 28th December, from about 12.30 pm at the Nags Head ( Cheshire Lounge ) If you want to get out of the house for a couple of hours, have a natter with some friends, taste some lemonade, see some cars, show off your new . . . Last year about 73 cars / trucks...
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  8. What, Where, When ?
    4th December 2010, ticket only event, in London Colney,Herts, party,, raffle great event. was a blast this year so here is plently of notice for next years. Numbers will be limited due to size of venue unfortunately. Tickets £10 each 7.30 til late. Russ 07980 416785.
  9. Chat
    Great night last night , thanks to everyone :tup: I think being mid week saved us all from waking up with bad heads this morning! Paul if you need to a lift at some point to get your Christmas shopping in give me a shout. I will be free this Sat morning and Mon,Wed evening next week.
  10. What, Where, When ?
    The South Birmingham Transport meet will be holding it's annual post christmas bash again this year on the 28th December from 11am till 3pm. As with the summer meets all vehicles are welcome from vintage and modern bikes, classic cars, sports, military etc etc. Over 200 vehicles regularly...
  11. Chat
    :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D :tup::tup::tup::tup::tup::tup::tup::tup:
  12. Chat
    Bry's asked the question so would you be interested ? The thread is over in the On Topic bit --> I'll lock this one and keep bumping to make sure all the replies are in the one place :tup:
  13. Chat
    went to tescos and what did i get
  14. Chat
    anybody from here going????
  15. Chat
    Just wanted to say have a great one to all on here ! Sue and I were up in Colchester this weekend and met up with the usual crowd of inseperable mates - Val Craven , Pat and Chez Tisdale and Charlie and Paula Potter . Fab time was had by all (toffee vodka :shock: ) I also took a drive down to...
  16. Chat
    Xmas links Here's something for the Young and the Old for Christmas Just Click the links And follow the Simple instructions your need the sound up ok...:tup: Its ok there's no things that jump out at you…honest .. They are good to add to an E-Mail to Family and friends...:wave...
  17. Stuff - FOR SALE
    items for sale due to illness york weight bench compleate with weights 50 ovno ,streetmachine mags some still have posters no1 till end offers ,rover v8 rockercovers two sorts one has rover on it the other has lines need polish open to offers jag irs needs a refurb offers ,27 t roadster body...
  18. On Topic
    I've just been told that the Battersea Boy's are organising a Xmas Do! is this true? where and when? I was told it was posted on this site! Count me in Boy's, If it's only half as good as the Film Night it will be tremendous Party. Well done Stew and Milt.
  19. The Shelf
    4 of the many 41 willy's that i have they are all boxed up at the mo but these were on top.. steve [
1-20 of 24 Results