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    just flicking through sept 08 CC and came across a pic of a green chopped/channeled A coupe, running spindle mounts, slicks and no front brakes at the nostalgia nationals, owned by a french guy, if anyone knows about these things and has got the mag to hand could you tell me what year A it is...
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    Promted by another thread (see below) What will be your first show of the season and what would like to have done by then ????
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    as above i would like to wish everyone all the best for the up and coming festivities and dont forget guys/dolls spare a thought of our boys in conflict overseas :tup::tup::tup: all the best Garry
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    Or to be exact "Pick of the 9 Months" lol What's been your favourite thread/s ? Whats been the funnist line/s Whats been your favourite picture/s And which RnS'r has been the most entertaining (no awards just your opinion)
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    as above im looking to make a pair of bommer style seats out of ford pop seats. like the ones russ of rottenpop fame made. but dont know what year car they were fitted too! are all 103e seats the same? any help please ian
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    With 2010 inevitably approaching, what are your favourite cars of this year? These are my top 3 in no particular order A bit self indulgent choice as I had a little contribution to this car, painting a logo on the back axle. Loved the detailing on this car. Not a rod but a flawless piece...
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    Just heard its going to be in Peterborough in October. With all the related forums now having the "garage section" who do you think will win this years award. Will it be the long awaited debut of the "Rocket" or could it be last years winner, Calum Andersons 34, only been won 2 years in a row...
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    Linda's now in full swing, heres a few pictures of here latest swallowings ! Steves new roof insert, plus a couple of the trunk she spat out earlier :D (Louver Press was named Linda by Bob, because she has a 50" throat :eek:) Linda does private functions, contact Paul Hobby for your desires
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    You known when you dial the 0870, 0808,0844,0845,0871 numbers you pay around 20 pence a minute or more ...........most if not all big company us them now ...the reason to is make money out of us all ,,,the way around this is to go to >>>> when you get there look for...
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    bit old - tread looks good 0774 858 2044 -they definately do hold air!!!!