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  1. Chat Read it wrong, doh. Media playing with my interpretations. HEHE.
  2. Vehicles - FOR SALE
    For Sale Ford P100 Essex V6 powered with T5 gearbox, I have owned this pickup over 24 years it has never been used in the UK from when I left South Africa in November 1990 all numbers are correct original engine and gearbox as fitted by Ford SA, the original colour I never liked so I totally...
  3. History Archive
    So how many have there been & where ? These are all strips used for sanctioned racing rather than just RWYB. Blackbushe Santa Pod Long Marston/Shakespeare York North Weald Bitteswell Snetterton Wroughton Silverstone Radlett North Luffham Duxford Martlesham Heath, Suffolk. Kemble Chelveston...
  4. On Topic
    Heres some pictures of the very cold but very enjoyable yearly, Bhra new years day cruise around the Isle of Sheppey. A good day was had by all. We met up at around 11 ish and then took a lesurely cruise around the island, and we all kept together nicely, arriving at Leysdown, our food and...
  5. Chat
    HAPPY NEW YEAR GUYS & GIRLS I will not be joining NSRA as a member for 2010, I will still be associated with the street rod & hotrod world in one way of another. Bob
  6. What, Where, When ?
  7. On Topic
    I went to this last year and there was a good turn out of all types of vehicles. Any one on here going this year?
  8. History Archive
    As most of you know Santa Pod was RAF Podington in WWII. The USAAF called it Station 109 The longest residents were the USAAF 92nd Bomb Group with 4 squadrons of B-17's , from Sep. '43 to June '45 during which time they flew 300 combat missions. Here are a few short colour films of life on the...
  9. Chat
    The streets were deserted,nothing was open. It were a different time when I were a lad. We'd go t'pub for lunchtime drink and get pissed an' come home at 3 o'Clock with the christmas dinner in t'oven.We'd get shouted and screamed at for drinking too much an' upsetting granny who'd be sitting in...
  10. On Topic
    Thinking about going to this. Is it still on? Will anyone else be there? Is it worth the trek down from the East Mids? I thangyou.
  11. What, Where, When ?
    Hi People, The BHRA are holding our 3rd New Years Day run around the Isle of Sheppey , Kent, meeting up at the Aviator public house, Queenborough corner,Queenborough, Islr of sheppy, at 10am for a10 30 start, having had a tour of said island, we intend to make our way to Merlins entertainment...
  12. Tri Chevys, Spirit Of the Fifties and the Tuck...
    Dont think this guy will go the distants, 30 years ago where is he now.:incheek::D
  13. On Topic
    Lets have a look at what you were driving/riding 5, 10, 15 or 20+ years ago.:tup: My old Anglia van.:sniff: One of my Lambrettas.:D Last but not least, one of my old Vespas.:D:tup:
  14. What, Where, When ?
    theres a meeting new years day, junction 24 m5, huntworth business park, had well over 200 vehicles turn up last year, everyone welcome from motorbikes,rods,customs,yanks,british tin,tractors,lorries,steam driven, whetevers your bag!!!! meeting from 9.30 thru to 12.30ish then a road run. cheers. :D
  15. History Archive
    Found on Pathe News Site.Amazing the amount of VW Bugs on the highway.
  16. History Archive
    I have found this pic on Time Travel. Its my Pop "Born to Run" that I ran in the Rover V8 class , its at Long Marston ( Shaky now) July feels like last year....:shake:
  17. Chat
    Robots in disguise.....
  18. History Archive
    I was directed to this piccie by Time Travel ,Thruxton '83. Was it really that long ago ? Don't remember having hair that dark :sniff: Ray Austin is propping up my back wing next to his Firebird. I remember him telling me he couldn't get it to light the tyres up when he pulled away . Got the...
  19. The Garage
    After 15 years of collecting the "right" parts im about to start the build proper and hope to finish in 18 months tops the plan is detailed chassis and scruffy body Stamped rails, tig'd the frame together steel 3w body fully fendered 354 Chrysler hemi and 4 speed manual halibrand 9" shafts...
1-20 of 22 Results