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    hi my name is Alex Mcconnell im 16 years old and will be leaving school soon, i love hotrods, customs and classics. my dream is to work on and drive hotrods, i am currently looking for a hillman imp for my first car (if anyone knows if ones for sale that would be amazing), mylove for cars was...
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    One of my students rocked up to college in his new motor today and wanted to show me his pride and joy. As i'm always banging on about Rods and Chops the students know i like things a bit different. Now i thought i'd be going out to see the usual ponced up rice rocket with nasty rims etc. Boy...
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    can anyone recommend an insurance company for a 17 yo . flux just quoted me on a std 1985 mini 1000 . comp £2800 tpft 1600 . wtf ? rob
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    Just bought this. My 18 month old grandson's first 'hot rod'. Pink, not really a boy's colour is it? :shake: So, the plan is to spray it satin black, a red tuck 'n' roll seat and red steels with whitewalls. Hopefully he'll be able to park next to grandad's rod at some of this years gatherings. :tup:
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    My 19 year old son, has been getting insurance quotes for a boggo 1.1 Fiesta, worth £300. Admiral came up with £2034 & an excess equiv to the national dept. When he phoned them for monthly payments they said " £300 deposit followed by 9 payments of £294" :eek: So nearly 3 Grand in total ...
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    Looking to buy a 1980 lightweight landrover for the wife to tend her horse, but my son's coming up for 17 in the next couple of months so I'm looking to try & get him insured to drive. Anyone able to recommend an insurance company that would cover a learner/young driver for the Landy?? So far...
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    Hello. Was thinking the other day that Pete Leddy still looks like he did 25 - 30 years ago. Then at movienite I also saw that both Mike Hall and Alphabet Alex also look how they used to. Strange I thought. Is there a connection? Then I suddenly realised that they all used to sell mushrooms. So...
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    while i have been working on my car a boy always stopped and asked me what i was doing and can he have alook.well he came around yesterday with a big grin on is face because his dad as just got him a morris 1ooo.he wanted idears on what to do to it so i told him to join this site because you...
  9. Tri Chevys, Spirit Of the Fifties and the Tuck...
    This really ought to be on this is home.
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    How many younger lads have rods..etc.. on here, am 17 and hoping to get a car as soon as maybe a pop gasser:happy: I own a bobber already but lets see what every1 else got?
1-10 of 10 Results