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  1. On Topic
    Hello. Some of you know me of old, some of you don't. Years ago I started the Mart's Real Hot Rods site which helped spread the word of traditional rods in the UK and beyond. Great fun while it lasted. Gone now. dead. So over the past few years I have been putting out little videos on Youtube...
  2. Chat
    We've over the past few years been putting a few videos of our cars on YouTube. Although they seem to get a few views to begin with, they seem to die of death pretty quickly. It'd be great if anyone could have a look, post a comment if you like it or what we could do better in future (I'm sure...
  3. Chat
    All sorted now :tup:
  4. Chat
    is it just me or is any one else having probs putting vid links from there to here? also cant edit posts after a minute without going to an administrator? is that you then si? :grr:
  5. Chat
    An hour and a quarter to while away ....
  6. Chat
    again did'nt know you could watch full films on you tube
  7. History Archive
    Nice clip turnd up on Pistonheads of the old Group B cars... well worth a look. Si pls move to chat if not on topic enough!:) :tup:
  8. Chat
    Hi, guys, need your help here, theres a few clips on youtube that i need to copy and burn to dvd but how do i do it?...any help would be appreciated....toad
  9. What, Where, When ?
    Here yer go. .
  10. Chat
    I Finally got around to doing this. For those that didn't get there, have a look and see what you missed, for those that did get there, have a look and remember a great day.
  11. Chat
    Ive noticed the mint Jukebox thread and wonder how to add the youtube link to show the vid. Do you copy the link from youtube? I aint tried yet and didnt want to fill the cracking good thread with blank posts, lol.
  12. Chat
    Every rod board must have this link :D Recommend full volumn
1-12 of 12 Results