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zephyr. mark 2
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    Hello guys, does anyone know know where WYR 826 is? It was without side pipes Then with side pipes Now a chopped roof Please help me find the Zephyr
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    Hello guys, i'm trying to find Mk2 Zephyr WYR 828 and/or Dave Fisher. I did search on gov and it appears to be around still, but i dont know if Dave still owns it or somebody else There was a post on this forum back in 2009...
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    Ladies and Gents, back in the lates 70's early 80's i use to own a Mk2 Zephyr as per the photo. However, i am trying to find another Mk2, but a Zodiac. It was black, in very good condition, jacked up at the back with a modified rear wing arch. The photo is actually my old Zephyr and i got the...
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    It is with great sadness I am having to sell my rare 1959 lowline which would of been one of the first lowlines as they stopped making the highlinemark 2 zephyr I have spent a fortune on a outer bare metal respray and bodywork all panels were removed and panels gap sorted any bog was replaced...
1-4 of 4 Results