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zephyr or consul
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    Hello guys, does anyone know know where WYR 826 is? It was without side pipes Then with side pipes Now a chopped roof Please help me find the Zephyr
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    Hello gents - back in the day when i was working at Fords Dunton one of the guys in the engine assembly had Mk3 Zephyr. This was bored out to 3.3 Ltrs - fitted with three Weber Carbs, a high compression gas flowed head, high lift cam, with bigger valves, tubular exhaust and a manual Jaguar...
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    Hello guys, i'm trying to find Mk2 Zephyr WYR 828 and/or Dave Fisher. I did search on gov and it appears to be around still, but i dont know if Dave still owns it or somebody else There was a post on this forum back in 2009...
  4. Vehicles - FOR SALE
    My 1954 MK 1 Zephyr is regrettably for sale as I need the space and I just don’t use it enough. Its in fine working order and is ready to use. It doesn’t drop any oil or water. I have every MOT Certificate from 1995 which shows the mileage progressing from 54061 in 1995 to 63029 in April 2012...
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    Was going through Ashley Green near Chesham today, turned left and a yellow Consul or Zephyr pulled out - obviously V8 as it sounded great and left a load of rubber too:tup: Anyone know who that might be? I've never seen the car before....
1-5 of 5 Results