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  1. Chat
    Hello guys, does anyone know know where WYR 826 is? It was without side pipes Then with side pipes Now a chopped roof Please help me find the Zephyr
  2. Chat
    Hello gents - back in the day when i was working at Fords Dunton one of the guys in the engine assembly had Mk3 Zephyr. This was bored out to 3.3 Ltrs - fitted with three Weber Carbs, a high compression gas flowed head, high lift cam, with bigger valves, tubular exhaust and a manual Jaguar...
  3. Who are ya ??
    I have a 1959 Ford Zephyr Mk2 Highline. Currently in the process of completing a change to a Mk3 Zodiac engine and 4-speed column change box. Once that's complete i'll be moving onto the bodywork! I'm based in Merthyr Tydfil in South Wales.
  4. Tech Discussion
    Hey I'm just restoring my grandfathers old Zephyr and I want it to go better. I was thinking about putting a 302 in it but not sure what trans to fit? Also is it possible to still use the column shift for a c4? Also would the standard 3 speed manual trans work with a 302? Diff advice would be...
  5. Tech Discussion
    I have a problem with my consul mk 2, have checked the fuel pump and diagphram, all seem ok but the pump is pulling fuel to the glass bowl in the engine and then doesnt push the fuel up to the carb. This is a vacuum type pump that runs window wipers as well. Starts ok when cold but as soon as...
  6. The Showroom
    Bought this about 6 months ago from a guy in South London: The guy did a fantastic job. It was built as is about 3 years ago, with all body work done, a complete respray and a Chevy 283 V8.
  7. Stuff - WANTED
    Still looking...! Hi all, I'm looking for a rear bumper blade for a Mk2 Zephyr or Zodiac if anyone's got one or any leads on one. Not fussed for the overriders. Condition of chrome not so important, would be happy with an original pitted one rather than flaking off rechromed. Needs to be...
  8. Who are ya ??
    Hi everyone, it seems that I am the third owner of this car this year! what the hell is wrong with it then...... apart from fuel pump leaking big time and an electrical fault that comes and goes, oh and the fan wire being eaten by the belt pulley, and the fact you can't wind down the windows...
  9. Who are ya ??
    Thought I'd pop by and introduce myself. I was actually searching around for wedding cars (already contacted a few members), but while I was here I thought I'd introduce myself and my project. I am Chris, that's my intro done. My car is a '64 Ford Zephyr mk3. It had the roof chopped several...
  10. Vehicles - WANTED
    WANTED ! Mk2 Consul ,Zephyr,or Zodiac anything considered, not complete basket cases thanks preferably m.o.t'ed but not vital , dont mind doing some work to get it through an mot but dont want to do too much . I dont mind scruffy paint or scruffy interior as long as it is fundamentally solid...
  11. Stuff - FOR SALE
    Ford Zephyr rear brake shoes,NOS?,reconditioned i beleive. Dont know what model there from,have a look and see if there the same as yours! They are the wider size shoe,check the pic below. Price is £17 posted within the UK. Cheers, Chris
  12. Vehicles - WANTED
    I'm wanting a good Ford Zephyr or Zodiac, preferably a Mk2 but a Mk1 or Mk3 considered even a good Consul. I'm looking good to very good condition car, got cash waiting for the right car. Any info on one appreaciated.
  13. History Archive
    While going through my old pictures I found this, was probably taken in the late 80's, anyone know anything about it ?
  14. Traders - For Sale / Services - CLOSED
    Hi all, I,m now doing fibre glass front wings for mk1 zephyrs and zodiacs. Price is £120 each. Will have some with me at the swap meet tomorrow. Call me on 07767 336169 or pm me. Thanks for looking :tup: Steve Large
  15. Chat
    had it in the garage for about 15 years,kinda figure its about time i did something with it. was wondering if anyone can shed any light on who built them or any info on where i can get parts?? ie rear axle,wheels ect..
  16. Stuff - WANTED
    howdy .... any one selling or knows where to get a glass o/s front wing for a 56 mk1 zephyr six from:?:......
  17. Vehicles - WANTED
    Sorted chears for offers
1-20 of 39 Results