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  1. Tech Discussion
    I have a problem with my consul mk 2, have checked the fuel pump and diagphram, all seem ok but the pump is pulling fuel to the glass bowl in the engine and then doesnt push the fuel up to the carb. This is a vacuum type pump that runs window wipers as well. Starts ok when cold but as soon as...
  2. The Showroom
    Bought this about 6 months ago from a guy in South London: The guy did a fantastic job. It was built as is about 3 years ago, with all body work done, a complete respray and a Chevy 283 V8.
  3. Stuff - WANTED
    Still looking...! Hi all, I'm looking for a rear bumper blade for a Mk2 Zephyr or Zodiac if anyone's got one or any leads on one. Not fussed for the overriders. Condition of chrome not so important, would be happy with an original pitted one rather than flaking off rechromed. Needs to be...
  4. Vehicles - FOR SALE
    Zodiac Mark 1 SOLD Off the road since the 70s Body work in good condtion, but needs some light work. 351 windsor Engine C6 gearbox 9" back end. Disc brakes front (conversion on standard struts) Un finshed project. £2,800 Tel 01789 720 673 NO EMAILS AS I DONT HAVE INTERNET AT HOME...
  5. Who are ya ??
    Hi everyone, it seems that I am the third owner of this car this year! what the hell is wrong with it then...... apart from fuel pump leaking big time and an electrical fault that comes and goes, oh and the fan wire being eaten by the belt pulley, and the fact you can't wind down the windows...
  6. Who are ya ??
    hi im dave form the 3 graces northwest car club i have a 57 zodiac not rodded but still i think its cool anyone else from manchester fancy going to our car meet on the last wednesday of the month your more than welcome details on the website Home - FORD CONSUL ZEPHYR ZODIAC
  7. Vehicles - WANTED
    WANTED ! Mk2 Consul ,Zephyr,or Zodiac anything considered, not complete basket cases thanks preferably m.o.t'ed but not vital , dont mind doing some work to get it through an mot but dont want to do too much . I dont mind scruffy paint or scruffy interior as long as it is fundamentally solid...
  8. Vehicles - WANTED
    I'm wanting a good Ford Zephyr or Zodiac, preferably a Mk2 but a Mk1 or Mk3 considered even a good Consul. I'm looking good to very good condition car, got cash waiting for the right car. Any info on one appreaciated.
  9. Tech Discussion
    Will a stock width Mustang 8" axle fit under a Mk2 Zodiac ? or does anyone know the required axle width for 7 x 15 / 235x70x15 tyres :?: Thank you in advance :tup:
  10. Vehicles - FOR SALE
    Yup, and this time I mean it... My '55 Zodiac is up for grabs, most of you know it but here is a brief spec: '55 mk1 Ford Zodiac, dechromed and debumpered, one piece front windows. Crate GT40 spec 302, Holley 670 Street Avenger on an Edelbrock Performer RPM manifold, MSD ProBillet ditributor...
  11. Stuff - WANTED
    I'm in great need for a dash top for my wife's mk2 zodiac, anybody got one kicking around, dosen't matter what colour :tup: Cash waiting. Cheers Bob
  12. Vehicles - FOR SALE
    found this while serching a swap site thought it might be of interest to someone cheers eddie
  13. Freebies
    Got a Zody six pot thats gotta go good block and head,just cracked off a big end shell and it all looks real sound.I got this as a low mileage motor and the internals seem to justify this,its still off if you want to see!.Cant be bothered sticking it on e-bygumbay come n get it its in me...
  14. Vehicles - FOR SALE
    For 500 quid on a banger racing forum Ill pm him for ya if your interested.
  15. History Archive
    Was talking to a friend today about the past and we both mentioned his first car this was a Ford zodiac REG TEA 610 does anyone know if its still about ?
  16. The Showroom
    And Before
1-20 of 37 Results