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These are my long stalled 1;12th 57 Chevys (as apposed to my long stalled everything else !)

As I've been married for 20 years this month, I spose I'd better try & finish this as I started it before the wedding !
The late Roy Smith provided his 57 Chevy 4 door coupe for the day & very nice it was too.

I filled the 2 door lines & re-scribed the 4 door lines. Don't how how accurate they are ? A begging letter to Monogram & bit about the wedding car I asked for another set of door handles. Tho they kindly provided all 3 complete chrome trees :D
Sprayed with as close as I could get with Halfords paint, though its got marked in storage & 3 house moves. Hopefully the marks will compound out.
This has the 283 F.I. as that the only stock set up the kit comes with. And yes, those valve covers will be re-done

The other 1 started as a replica of Paul Cravens 57 after seeing it in Classic Amercan, thought it looked the mutts nuts. Unfortunately Halfords didn't have such a good paint match & its a lot lighter than Paul chose. Its changed along the way over the years, tho still not built !
I built the kit 283 as hopped up but Ive now got a 427 from a Corvette, along with the seats & bits from the Camaro. I've just sourced the large diameter wheels & tyres from the Foose Edition Camaro (post pics when they arrive), so now thinking of a more modern look.

There is also a 3rd kit, that's planned as the Junior Stock 57 of Bob Lambeck.
The 302 with duel carbs & headers from the Camaro will be used in this, with Cragars & slicks.

Its a real shame that Revell don't update the parts on their 3 Yank 1;12 kits, as many of the parts are really dated now. Hopefully the Foose edition Camaro will be the start of wheel upgrades ect ?

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A smashing pair of 57's to do reps of. I agree with Voyager, should be real cool models (finished that is.) Just a thought, if you get realy stuck for Crager style 5 spokes, not a cheap way but im sure iv seen 1.12th die casts with them on.
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