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Been lurking here for a while but here's a bit of info on my Mini:

My motor has been around since the 90's and has been 'off the road' dryly wrapped up in my garage for a few years now awaiting some time and effort to get things checked and an MOT put on it.

Its a Mini 1275 GT steel shell with 1600 Lancia Beta Twin Cam engine, gearbox, brakes and suspension in the front, custom built trailing arm rear.

Engine is by Guy Croft featuring full lighten/balance, Abarth forests spec cams, gas flowed head, bigger inlets, baffled sump, Guy Croft inlet manifold with twin 40 DCOE Webbers and standard electronic ignition + uprated, Beta Volumex water pump. Exhaust and manifold is a home built. 4 into 2 into 1 with a straight through pipe and one box. It has a full length exhaust guard as this sits really low! Current spec horsepower is 153 at the wheels.

The radiator is now in the back and consists of a Rover SD1 unit with two Fiat fans.

Rear brakes are 1275GT drums, front is uprated Lancia Beta all running through a Mini 1275GT master cylinder, there is front/rear brake bias valve. Clutch is now hydraulically operated through a Fiat X19 slave and Mini 1275GT master cylinder. Gearbox is standard 5 speed, suspension on the front is Lancia Beta, adjustable for camber and with lowered springs to make the ride height correct. Custom built rear suspension framework with standard trailing arms and Koni adjustable coil-over shocks.

Steering is Austin 1300 rack with modified Lancia bet UJ and column. Drive shafts are stock Lancia, wheels are bespoke 13" Revolutions shod with 50 series Yokohamas. Gearbox is standard 5 speed with modified linkage and gearstick.

The wiring loom is a mix of Lancia and Mini and as is/was obligatory for hill climbing, there is a full cage and harness + a plumbed in fire extinguisher system etc.

Bonnet and boot are fibreglass but everything else is steel including the one-piece front end. The front bulkhead is still original and in place but the Lancia turret tops were welded into the Mini inner wings to take the suspension struts. There is steel bracing on the front floor to stiffen it up and this helps locate the standard (shortened) Lancia Beta sub frame. All the wheel arches are steel and were popular items available for trailer mudguards at one point!

Used mostly for hill climbing, I did do a 'run what you brung' Mini day at the Pod and managed some low 13s which then, was one of the quickest non-turbo Mini's of the day. As featured on the front page of Cars and Car Conversions and the first edition of Mini World, we've been to a few events in Europe over the years, some competitive, some for show.

I hope to find some time and make the effort to get her back on the road, but I doubt I will ever compete again.

Around 5.20 in, is me.
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