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The bodyshell was brought as it sit's now, i dont know anything else about it
we brought it with plans to put together soemething cool, but it sits waiting for that spare time still,
so could do with it being sold on to make space.

I believe it's a 1932 Model A Sedan bodyshell, but the joy of having a none historic fibreglass body is,
you can built anything you want, a rusty rat rod or a futuristic 30's steam punk car.

the roof section is being held together with wood skrewed on, so it stays complete,
this should be able to fit into a sprinter van for senssible tranport costs with an online couirer company.

I can send more pictures if needed, but this would make a great project for someone to invest there imagination in.

offers are welcome!! but im not going to give it away. £650 ono

TEL: 07972025719
GU10 - Farnham

MODEL A 1.jpg MODEL A 3.jpg MODEL A 2.jpg
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