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what you see here is the result of about a years pretty intensive parts collecting to put this together. but, as i have 3 projects on the go as it is and another two waiting, im after selling to give me the time, money and space to crack on with them.

i recon theres about 95% of what you need to assemble this here. i'll list the misisng bits at the end.

what there is-

a 40-48 ford truck cab. off a 'big truck' so had fuel tank under seat and dash is slightly different- has an ashtray in the middle. pretty good nick, various dents but nothing really bad and all on simple single skinned bits so easy to bash out. doors are complete with all locks/winders/gubbins and rust-free, dash is complete with all gauges in good order, handbrake is there, etc. glass is there but its mostly broken, but it means the seals are still there, floor is very good as well. there is a little rust to the rear channel between the floor and the cab back which is a pretty easy repair, and the floor around the bottom of the A pillars needs some localised work. the rest is all good. i have the seat riser panel but it has been removed.

a pair of '35 ford chassis rails. they had been chopped around a bit, stepped in at the back and boxed and stuff, but i have returned them to stock, and theyre actually in pretty good order. no rot at all. the front and rear boxing sections are there, but the K-member has been cut out. they are straight, no damage, and have a clear, readable chassis number dating it as a 1935 canadian built chassis, so it is quite registerable providing it is put back together in a 'traditional' manner. currently each rail is in two bits, ive left them like this for storage reasons, but i can stick them back together for you before they go if you wish. i have a set of chassis plans with all stock dimensions to work to when adding the crossmembers.

front end-
a vintage chassis works forged 4" dropped i beam. good used condition.

a pair of 37 ford front wishbones. have had the ends cut off to adjust the caster, and theyre split obviously.

stock model a front spring. needs refurb.

pair chrome perch pins and pair chrome shock mounts, pair plain shackles.

ford f1 spindles.

ford '40 juice front brakes, drums have been skimmed, hubs with good studs and bearings, pair of good backplates.

good f100 steering box, column, pitman arm, draglink, steering wheel and working indicator switch.

pair of good ford 16x4 wire wheels. there is also the option of one and a half '40 ford steels instead (one wheel and one centre with no rim).

3x 5.50x16 blackwall crossplies. 2x bf goodrich, one is good used, one is close to the limit. 1x brand new michelin. (tread patterns are very close to a match).

ford thames E83W grille shell. very similar to a '37 ford truck grille- similar enough for me anyways. good straight condition, was sold to me as 'perfect' but it does have previous repair.

a brass rad that fits the above capable of cooling a v8- off a 4 letre armstrong siddley. watertight as far as i can tell.

pair of nice lucas headlights, all fixtures and fittings present, they accept standard 7" sealed beam lamp units.

rear end-
complete 42-48 banjo rear end, with brakes (Drums and shoes are shot, rest looks good), shock mounts, torque tube although it has been cut. one and a half wishbones (no i have no idea why either). lazercut flange to convert to open drive included.

stock model A rear crossmember in excellent condition.

stock model A rear spring, pitted but servicable.

pair of '50s ford 15x6 steels. one has been reversed one hasnt- i will do the other one as part of the deal.

a pair of brand new dunlop fort 8.90x15 blackwall crossplies (£350 each new!)

272ci Y block ford, 292 heads, truck sump and mounts. heads are currently off to check it over and it all appears good. thunderbird stickered rocker covers. stock single carb manifold. most ancillaries present, i dont have any exhausts but was planning zoomies or lakes cones anyway. definatley got water pump, pulleys and dizzy, fairly sure i have a starter, and theres a flywheel and clutch too.

toploader manual gearbox out of a '66 mustang. will bolt up to a manual Y block bellhousing, except i dont have one. ive had the lid off and its perfect inside.

also included is a '40 ford pedal assembly.

bits that ARENT there, what i would expect you to need to put it together.-
a bellhousing to go between the engine and box.
a shifter for the gearbox.
a front crossmember (i was planning to use a repro model A one)
A K-member, i would expect this to be fabricated anyway for this non-stock application.
a pickup bed. i was planning to make my own, its pretty easy to make a convincing looking bed if you have a bead roller, and a repro tailgate is only about £150.

obviously it will also need some sundry brake and suspension components- wheel cyls, shoes, trackrods and ends, kingpins, etc. but on the whole i think its a fairly complete package. i am after £3500 firm for the lot, as one complete package, im not interested in splitting. if it doesnt sell i will mothball it and come back to it once other things are finished.

heres some pics, theyve come out with a funny red tinge as my camera is playing up, but you get the idea of what is there-

location is manningtree, north essex, just above colchester. i can be contacted on 07746334088.
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