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Reluctantly I have had to put the gasser up for sale.

Genuine reason for sale as in the big bad grown up world of top trumps apparently house trumps cool old car.

Details as follows:

- 1956 Ford Escort Estate with correctly registered V5 and correct engine size/number
- Radiused rear arches and substantial repair work, body has been shot blasted and primed
- New heavy duty box section chassis with welded in half roll cage.
- Car has had substantial fabrication work and welding and all this was under taken by Pete Ayres of Lite Welding Ltd/
- Car runs a nearly stock 302 HO V8 out of an 89 Mustang. The engine has had the EFI stripped off and a Holly Carb put in its place.
- From the same 89 mustang it also runs a T5 5 speed manual box and shortened 8.8" rear axle.
- Car has had a lot of time and effort spent on it to get it to where it is today, with not much needed to finish it off to a very high standard.
- I have a folder full of parts receipts and part numbers to make upgrades and replacements easy down the line.
- Car was featured in Custom Car the back end of last year
- Cars best run down the strip is currently a 13.2 at just over 100Mph

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Fronts - 15 x 4.5" Repro Ford Steels wrapped in 145 65 15 Continentals
Rears - 15 x 10" Slot mags wrapped in 295 50 15 Cooper Cobra Radial GT's
Both have plenty of tread left on them

Front End Suspension
Complete Speedway straight tube front axle set up - shortened to suit the 100e wheel base comes complete with GM calipers and discs.
Steering is through a custom column and mk2/3 transit steering box

Rear Suspension
Standard 8.8" rear axle out of 1989 Mustang and shortened to 43.75" by Zane at Zannetec and new Moser half shafts fitted. New 4 bar setup and pro-tech adjustable shocks with 2.25" springs.

Standard 5.0l HO V8 from 1989 Mustang, Holley Carb with uprated jets, Edlebrock Torker 289 intake, Tall Trickflow Rocker Covers, Custom Headers/Exhaust 2.5", Moroso leads and HEI electronic dizzy - Drive gear taken from original Dizzy, made to fit (Not iron)
Car has been put on the rolling road and registered 230BHP with 268lbs/ft (Not bad for an essentially stock 302).
Car comes with MSD 6AL box (This is mounted but not wired up as I dont think it works with the dizzy.)

Jaz racing bucket seats (Could use new seat covers)
Sunpro rev counter
Oil and water temp gauges
Hurst shifter
Jaz Fuel cell
Rebel wiring fuse box and electrics

Personal List of improvements
New Pertronix Distributor
Uprated front leaf springs (Currently 400lbs a side, could do with nearer 600lbs a side)

The only thing I cant't let go with the car is it's name 'Maggie's Gold'

Price - £11,500 ONO price dropped

If you want any further details get in touch on here or call me 07859998766.

Car is located near Gloucester

Photo's taken by Simon Cooke for Custom Car article:

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