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Part of a project shell, selling for parts only.

Lots of good panels can be taken from this partial shell. Everything from the 'B' pillars back is in pretty good condition, even the paint looks good bar some small dinks in the rear wings where something in the boot has touched the inside of the arches. Best parts include:

• Good, near rust-free rear wings,
• Rust free roof,
• Excellent rear panels and boot floor,
• Rust free floorpan and chassis rails,
• Excellent wheel wells,
• Rear seating cross member etc.

Boot lid is pretty rusty in the usual places and would need plenty of work to repair, but is salvageable. A different axle had been previously fitted so there are additional mounts for a watts linkage.

There is a slight rise in the roof above the drivers side A-pillar where the dash etc has effectively been pushed up and across slightly from an accident, but if you wished to use the roof for repair panels I think it would pull out OK as soon as it was removed from the shell. You can see from the photos that the accident impact was on the front nearside corner and had pushed the front wheel back into the passenger footwell.

No suspension is fitted on the shell so it's a pain to move around on trolley jacks, please be aware of that when you come to pick it up! You will need a flat bed or similar or some friends to help put it on a trailer. I'm working away at the moment so will organise a mutually convenient weekend for pick-up when I can be there.

The shell is in Southport, 20 miles north of Liverpool.

As I'm working away I cannot split it for parts so it must be sold as you see it, with all the good bits still attached! Also have some rusty doors and a bonnet for restoration (if you are brave) which I'll throw in with the rest of the shell. The white fibreglass flip front you can just see in one photo is not included.

Its listed on Ebay this week, so have a look at the photos on there if you're interested. Item Number 130404870714.

Looking for offers, but am interested in seeing what interest it raises on Ebay so have a punt on there if you like!



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The car I never should have a Northern Monkey.......... LOL
i thought i recognised that car, i assume that 's the one that hade bump in the front just after you sold it, what a shame hope it gets re,built and not scrapped :sniff:
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