Pontiac Starchief 6.4l (389)
An Oklahoma car imported 2011, I’ve owned Ponty since 2013 and has been big part of the family since. It was our wedding car 2016 and a prom car also - sits six bodies comfortably (you could probably fit four in the trunk as long they were dead!!)
Ponty is over 18ft long but easy to manoeuvre n park I promise you.
Car lives in Leeds and has 64,000 on the clock
I had the engine rebuilt 1500 miles ago by Strayside Garage, Harrogate,
I've also fitted electronic ignition, an electric fan and electric fuel pump.
A new starter fitted at the beginning of the year
Ponty has had LPG conversion fitted
Unfortunately it needs a door repair (wankers in the snow) and reverse doesn't engage when up to temp - forward gears are fine and is driveable
Interior is in good condition and a lovely place to be!!
please ask for pix as i couldn't up load any to advert - i managed one..
Open to sensible discussion over price